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Male Submissive Guide: Erotic Slave Training 101

Two sides of the same training coin: Sensual Subjugation and Willful Participation

When it comes to disciplining males, there are two strongly opposed sides: the forced subjugation approach and the willful participation one. Let's read more about them, shall we?

Sensual Subjugation?

People who defend this idea claim to get better results if they make it impossible for a man to escape control and penance. Advocates for this method insist on restricting the man's movement while they are going through disciplining to stop them from escaping. Those in favor use chastity devices of higher security and even blackmail them in order to achieve submission. They are convinced that is natural for men to try to resist control, but once he finds is not possible to escape, he will realize resistance is futile and that desire to escape will be gone, basically it will be an extinct behavior. While some supporters of the method pretend not to care about the man's feelings in this situation(as part of the sensual game) and enjoy watching the male's resistance breaking, other women usually use this type of training in order to get to the male's breaking point quickly, with the hopes he'll accept his new condition with this less exhausting method. Basically, complaisance and mortification are sexualized with chastity till the man starts to perceive his own suppression as the way to achieve sexual relief.

Ok, and how about Willful Participation?

On the other hand, the supporters of this technique affirm they get better results by putting the man in a state he will offer voluntary passivity. This method promotes the training in the man's inner world; it wants him to willingly give up his independence, in favor of an acceptance of female authority. They also assure the surplus of doing this voluntarily is better in the long term than forced methods; moreover, the man's self image and mental state needs to changed before changes can be seen in their behavior. Exponents of the technique emphasize the remarking of the sexual aspect inside the obedience in a male's brain; this is a way to reflect the erratic "spontaneous" acquiescent of some submissive men. However, women who abide by this method don't necessarily abstain from using pressuring methods, particularly at the start of the training. Subservience and mortification are sexualized through chastity and association. Only they are careful never to break the man's voluntary obedience or breaking point. It should be noticed that this training tends to be easier and less expensive; most chastity devices need to be customized if forced subjugation is wanted.

The adversaries of this technique protest about the unpredictable obedience and irregular usefulness of the men that are put under the willful participation method.

I'm confused! Which one should I choose?

Easy answer: whatever you like. Making a choice is not easy, but I can't tell you what to do (I'd wish, but I can't, giggles) because you will have to make the choice and select whatever you think is best.

But I should mention, as of now, willful participation is probably the favorite among women. My two cents? If you are starting with male training, you will probably want to start with willful training because a) it's easier b) it requires less monetary investment c) it involves less supervision. But if you do find yourself struggling with a very stubborn male, you may want to try the forced subjugation approach.

In the end, any kind of male training profits from the increasing semen volume because it creates an intoxicating sensation, blurring his logic and weakling his mental power, thus generating the perfect environment for changing their conduct. Sensual subjugation perceives chastity as a tactic in order for the man to be unsatisfied and amenable. On the other hand, willful participation sees it as a paving of the path towards increasing levels of sexual desire, perfect for reframing his sexual identity.

I may be thinking in positive light, but I strongly believe in the future male training will be unnecessary. "What!" You are probably saying. But yes, think about it and imagine a world where training, specially forced training, is rarely used because there is no need, males are already compliant and relationships will work with a consciously participating man. Oh, what a wonderful world (we'll live in wink*)

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