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The 18 Commandments of a Great Slave

  1. Thou shall offer food. Make sure to have dinner ready when she gets home. Bonus points if you actually plan ahead what you will be eating. This is the perfect way of letting her known you are on his mind and you are aware of her needs. Extra Bonus: prepare her favorite food as the perfect home greeting.
  2. Thou shall rest. Take the time to be well rested when she gets home. If you are tired and not fresh looking, she will not be pleased.
  3. Thou shall be interesting. You must entertain your lady, in order to do this you will go to great lengths for her to be amused and not bored.
  4. Thou shall clean. Nobody likes to live in filth, and her is not an exception. Keep the house clean and organized; dust off the shelves, mop the floor, keep the garden out of any weeds. Get rid of any clutter and make the house visually appealing.
  5. Thou shall keep her warm. During the winter, prepare a fire before she gets home. This way when she gets there, the house will be warm and toasty for her.
  6. Thou shall take care of the children. Make sure the children take a bath or wash their hands and faces; verify they brush their teeth and comb their hair. Help them with their homework and school projects.
  7. Thou shall create a calm environment. Encourage quietness by the children when she gets home and eliminate all possible reasons of noise like the washing machine or the vacuum. A calm environment creates the perfect state of mind for her relaxation.
  8. Thou shall demonstrate your happiness. Nobody likes a surly person; they enjoy seeing people like their presence. Let your excitement show when she gets home or when she is around.
  9. Thou shall listen. Listening is the key to any successful form of communication. You may have things to tell her, but she should speak first. Keep in mind her possible subjects of conversation are more important than yours, and this also goes with information she has to tell you.
  10. Thou shall let her enjoy herself. Don't complain if she goes out without you or if she enjoys something else without you. Understand she has needs that have to be taken care off without you and she should be able to experience things without you.
  11. Thou shall greet her warmly. Greet her with affection when she gets home and make sure she realizes how much you love when she finally gets home.
  12. Thou shall make her comfortable. Take off her shoes when she gets home from work; fluff her pillows when she goes to bed. Have her lean on a comfortable couch on chair.
  13. Thou shall be attentive. Be aware of her needs and anticipate them before she voices them. Have a drink ready when she's home from work or give her a foot rub if she has been in heels all day
  14. Thou shall not burden her with problems. Don't be a nuisance; don't overwhelm her with complaints and problems. You should keep her relaxed and happy.
  15. Thou shall not complain. If she is home late or stays out all night, let her be. Don't protest against it.
  16. Thou shall not judge. Don't ask her questions or enquiry about her actions, she has her reasons, period. She is a woman who does not respond to anyone or owes nothing to anyone; you are not an exception to this.
  17. Thou shall create a lovely place. Your house should be a place of relaxation, harmony and order. Your wife should renew herself in this place, so be mindful of it.
  18. Thou shall please her. Make sure your wife knows how happy you are to be pleasing her.

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