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Identity Reframing for Male Femininity Training

Identity reframing implies a shift in a man's image of his own sexuality. With identity reframing, the main idea is to change how a man perceives himself. And as you may imagine, and although this system has been the subject of some discussion through the years, it is one of the most used techniques in male training.

Most women who have trained a man at some point in their lives can tell you it is not uncommon to find a point where a man goes through a plateau in the process (kind of like losing weight, right? haha). And this period is often attributed to a sort of conflict between his own sexual identity and the wanted conduct you want him to have. Hence here is probably the point when you start to see that, maybe his own sexual identity is a nuisance…simply because it stops him from acting as you want. His sexual identity pushes him to act all strong and man and dominant and you know all the rest of adjectives that follow.

When this happens, common identity reframing will try to reformulate what a man is or does in his mind or maybe try to relate "manly" conducts to complaisant demeanors. But, once again, sometimes you find that those common used techniques don't always work; probably because those behaviors are engraved really deep in a man's essence (you can blame cultural stereotypes here! *Wink). So, if coming to face this particular case in one's life, what does a poor girl have to do? Give up? Absolutely no! Lucky for you, I have the answer right here: annul his manhood. Kind of like snipping a tree from the root, haha.

"What! What do you exactly mean with that?" Haha, don't get scared, I've always had a flair for the dramatic wink* What I mean is, through this process, the goal is to separate gender stereotypes from the male's conception of self. This entails for the man to stop thinking of himself as "manly". This will allow stopping possible cognitive dissonance with the training that is taking place. In order to do this, the man has cross the barrier to never look back, has to be carried through a "point of return" by doing things that are discordant with his view of typically "manly" conducts. "And how exactly do you achieve this?" Well, first, gradually for minimum resistance (that's what she said, haha) and then by practicing the proven methods to refute manhood: long term chastity and sodomy.

Now, there exists the misconception that long term chastity is simply an extension of a short term one. But it cannot be further from the truth. While short term chastity maximizes the seminal fluid to increase a man's sexual desire (and allows a woman to extract willful participation from them in order for them to do…things wink*), Identity reframing instructs the man to relate his own sexual desires with complaisance conducts. See the difference? In the latter, a guy is seeing submissiveness as the only way out of his sexual urges.

So, before proceeding with those harder techniques and points of no return, is important that the man has an intermediate level of training already. This way it will be easier to apply a long-term chastity period before getting to the breaking point; besides, his "manliness" is already subsiding and his hormones will work on your favor, increasing your power. And start by referring to chastity as castration; only because it will be a long-term thing and not simply a chastity period.

You will also have to praise constantly, he is doing something really big for you. Giving up a huge part of his masculinity for you is a huge gesture to prove his devotion to you. And that is why you will need to show him how happy you are and how honored you feel for him to be doing this for you. And this will also show his subconscious that is not something temporal; this is not something that you are planning to arouse him and stimulate him.

Those are a few of the things you will want to considerate before trying castration and voluntary sodomy. So, if you feel your man is a right fit for it, go on and look for the proper techniques to do so. Good luck! Wink*

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