What Makes a Man Choose Submission?

I can't count the number of times I've heard someone ask what makes a man choose submission. I've never really thought about it much as I also never really think about what makes a woman choose submission.

As a sub, I just partake of what I naturally enjoy the most. But I suppose if you get down to the technical details- there is always a reason that someone enjoys a particular thing. With men the question is more prevalent because it is expected that they should be dominant by nature. They should prefer dominance. So seeing one that is submissive makes people ask questions.

So…why do men prefer submission? There could be a number of answers. We will touch on a few of them, but the list is not all inclusive.

  • Change of pace-- In the real world most men are dominant. At work, with friends, with family and even things like car repairs and the like. They are expected to be strong, determined, masculine and pushy. They are expected to achieve a specific set of results using a specific type of action. Those who opt for submission may simply want a change of pace from the norm. They may need to relax and not have to be the one in charge. It's relaxing for them.
  • Less stress-- Submissive men have less to worry about. They know what their expectations are. They can turn over household responsibilities to their dominant female and she can delegate what belongs to whom. They don't have to focus on balancing a checkbook or keeping track of expenses. They can simply let their dominant partner have control and they can relax.
  • Satisfaction-- some men just prefer a woman that is in charge. They are turned on and fully satisfied by a woman that takes control both outside and inside the bedroom. Some men cannot be satisfied being the dominant partner sexually. While they may achieve orgasm, it is not the same feeling that they would get from being dominated.
  • Pleasure- Not all pleasure is sexual. For some men, they receive far more pleasure and even arousal from pleasing their woman. Being able to know without doubts what she wants from them and what makes her happy-- sometimes that is all a man needs to be happy in his relationship.
  • It's natural-- Like I said, I look at my choice to be submissive and feel like it is something that comes naturally. It is just who I am. For many men, this is the case as well. They are just being who they are.
  • Making the relationship equal-- it sounds silly to say that choosing to submit to another makes the relationship equal, but often it is true. A dominant woman will ensure that her man helps around the house, takes on responsibilities with the children and performs in ways she enjoys sexually. This in turn equals out the relationship compared to the way it often goes with a dominant male.
  • Keeping things interesting-- Finally, some people just prefer to do things a bit different. Having a female led relationship and being a submissive male is a change of pace. Maybe she wants to try dominating. Maybe he wants to try submission. It's a little different and they want to spice up their life. That's a reason some men might choose.

As long as both partners are in agreement with the arrangement, it doesn't matter why either chooses it. What matters is that everyone is receiving what they want.

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