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3 Ways to Enjoy any Medical Play Scene

When it comes to different types of fetishes and fantasies, the sky is the limit. Let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. After all, sexual experiences are all about imagination and creativity. At the same time, they are about knowing your own sexuality and how to explore it to its highest standards. Medical sexual play is among the most popular fetishes. It is delightful and can generate a lot of sexual energy for both of you. Not to mention, the exciting toys you could enjoy along the way with it. Here are a few useful tips and tricks for an amazing medical play scene!

1. Be inventive

Being inventive is essential for a great sex scene. It is even more important for medical play. By letting your imagination run free, you can achieve new levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction plus impress your partner a lot. When it comes to medical sexual play, use your imagination to adapt the most basic sex toys and accessories to your scene! From dildos to nipple clamps and chastity toys, all toys can be adapted to medical play especially if you are in the role of gynecologist!

2. Have a realistic medical scene by using the right toys and accessories

When you want a realistic medical sex scene, try to gather the best arsenal available! Medical gags, electro stimulating devices and different bondage accessories are some of the most popular toys for couples who prefer this type of play! Having the right toys and accessories will also make it more entertaining for both of you. Plus, you will be able to perform better since you feel comfortable having the right tools.

3. Explore your spontaneous side!

Exploring your spontaneous side is similar to letting your imagination run free. At the same time, it is a suggestion to act on your instincts! Listening to your sexual intuition can mean the difference between an ordinary encounter and an amazing one. Try not to plan every move ahead of time and leave some space for the element of surprise. This will increase the excitement for both of you! Not knowing what comes next during sex is a serious turn on for most couples and it helps keep their relationship interesting. If your lover will join you in this sexual adventure, you can have some interesting nights together! Watching some erotic videos is always a great idea and a good starting point if you are not in a very creative mood. But don’t rely on these alone when you need new ideas! Just follow your instincts so you can discover new sides to your sexuality along the way!

Medical play is a great way to achieve new orgasms and discover more forms of pleasure! You can start small. Decide who will be the sexy nurse or hot doctor and who will be the patient then create more complex sex scenes afterward. It is a gradual experience you should take step by step. Later on it can become very complex and may even be your main fantasy! Your relationship will discover new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Indeed, you will enjoy your intimate moments even more if you have the chance to be open with your partner and show them what really turns you on. Remember, good communication is essential for a satisfying sex life as well as a good level of trust between the partners and sincere mutual understanding! Always aim to enjoy every aspect of your sex life not just the orgasm!

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