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How Birth Control can Effect Sexual Desire and How to Fix It

Birth control is something most sexually active people do to limit the chances of pregnancy. Depending on the type of birth control used, it could also help partners stay safe during their sexual encounters. Those who are not in an exclusive relationship tend to utilize it for this reason. While committed partners would rely on trust and communication in place of any type of birth control method.  

While birth control does have its benefits, it can bring serious disadvantages to a couple’s sexual life. These problems are not always obvious at first. Here are some aspects to keep a close watch on while you are on birth control so you can protect your sexual experiences.

They alter hormonal balance

Birth control pills tend to modify the hormones in the body especially during the first weeks of taking them. Hence, women who rely on this method of birth control might experience mood swings and feel unexpected, extreme emotions. Hormonal imbalance can also take its toll on a woman’s sex drive. If it persists, then it could have a negative impact on your relationship in time.

In fact, not even the best pair of nipple clamps or the most intense orgasm belt can increase sex drive during these times. Once you notice your partner is going through a low sex drive phase, it is important to identify the cause. If your partner is on the pill, then do not take it personally because it might be an effect of their birth control. You might consider trying out condoms as an alternative to avoid hormonal problems and deter your partner’s lack of libido.

You might gain weight

    Weight gain is one of the consequences experienced by women who take birth control pills. On the other hand, some women go through weight loss when taking the pill. It is because changes to a woman’s hormonal system can lead to all sorts of disorders.

    Hence, in just a couple of months of taking birth control pills once a day, a woman might gain several pounds even if her eating habits do not change much. Since this is one of the most common consequences, it is advisable to increase your workout schedule. In addition, eat healthy foods as well and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. Weight gain can have an impact on your sex life because you might not feel as attractive as before. But you should know, with the right outfit and lingerie, you can keep it under control!

    Sex becomes less spontaneous

      Some people only find sex enjoyable if it is spontaneous and they can act on their carnal desires freely. You should be aware any type of birth control method you and your lover use might affect your urge to have sex. So, before having a quickie, check to make sure you have a condom handy or if you have taken your magic pill for the day.

      In most cases, the lack of protection can mean rescheduling sex for another day or forego the experience all together. If this happens often, then it could put a damper on your sex life! So, it is important for you to be aware of these issues to be able to avoid such moments and maintain an interesting sex life!

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