How to Deal with Low Libido

A low sex drive or a low libido is never something that should be underestimated. Even if you are not in a relationship, you should still pay attention to your libido and sexual health in general as part of your personal satisfaction. There are plenty of advantages to having an active sex life and they are not all related to having an intimate relationship. Sex stimulates our body and our brain, and it is important for a good functioning of both. So, if you notice that weeks go by without feeling excited or having any sexual experiences, chances are that you might have a low libido. And if this is the case you should see what the cause is and look for ways to fix it before it leads to more permanent damage for your sexuality and future relationships. So, let’s see how you can deal with the first signs of a low libido and what measures you should take!

1. Use new sex toys and accessories

It never harms to add new sex toys and accessories during a good masturbation session or a hot sexual encounter with your partner. If you have a low libido, you might be stuck in a sexual routine that lacks excitement and you should spice things up in the bedroom when you have the occasion. You can start by adding some nipple clamps or butt plugs to your sexual encounters. This will add new forms of sexual stimulation and increase your sex drive for further sexual encounters. If you are single, try a new orgasm belt or vibrator to satisfy your sexual needs and wake up your sex drive. There is no limit to what you can do to stimulate you and your partner sexually and reach new levels of sexual pleasure. And if you want to try a new fetish, bondage styles tend to be quite popular among couples who need a twist in the bedroom. It will develop your sexuality and help you discover new ways to reach intense orgasms together, beside sexual intercourse that you are so used to.

2. Watch erotic videos

Erotic videos are quite effective even when you don’t have a low libido. But when you do have problems with your sex drive, try finding the type of videos that will sparkle your interest. You might need a new perspective on sex and different kinds of stimulation and the right erotic videos will open your imagination to these new sexual possibilities that will also wake up your sex drive. You can enjoy some erotic videos alone while you are pleasing yourself or with your lover to get inspired for your next sexual encounter. Couples find this type of stimulation very efficient and a great way to get back on the exciting sexual life that they used to have. Not to mention that they are a great source for sexual fantasies and fetishes that you didn’t even consider to try and maybe you should consider them if you find yourself in a low libido phase.

3. Masturbate even when you don’t feel like it

Most people masturbate and there is nothing wrong about that. It is important to stimulate yourself and be able to give yourself the amount of sexual pleasure that you need. However, even if you don’t need to enjoy such a pleasure due to a low libido that you might be facing, it is still important to masturbate and get yourself in the mood. Chances are that you will rediscover your sexuality all over again and find new ways to pleasure your erogenous zones. Masturbating when you don’t need to is a great way to get your body in a sexual mood but also to be in touch with your sexuality and feel more confident about sharing it with other people. So, get your favorite sex toys and enjoy an orgasm every now and then!

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