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How to Deal with Performance Anxiety

Many men tend to suffer from performance anxiety in one way or another. There are two main reasons for this: Unrealistic sexual expectations due to watching too much porn, and an obsessive desire to please their partner. When guys watch too much porn, they tend to line up their sexual life with the videos they see. And this almost never works for obvious reasons. Other guys are so obsessed with the idea of pleasing their partner’s and leading them to an intense orgasm that they can ruin the entire sexual encounter. Sure, it’s great to have a man who puts your sexual satisfaction before his, but it is even better to have one that is not afraid to enjoy an orgasm first. Telling him to drop these two habits might not always be so efficient. Instead, have him follow these tips and tricks to overcome his performance anxiety.

1. Make him more confident about his own body

The main reason for performance anxiety is that guys tend to question their sexual abilities. They are afraid that they are not sexual enough for you or that their fantasies and fetishes will not be shared. Give him compliments as foreplay starts and let him know just how hot he makes you feel! Because a guy with performance anxiety most likely has a problem with himself and not you, a problem you will have to help him fix if you want a happy and healthy relationship. Complimenting his body and overall appearance is a great way to build up his self-confidence. But try to remain honest and don’t overdo it! Too many compliments can have the opposite effect especially if they are not sincere.

2. Try new sex toys and accessories

Sexual routine is sometimes responsible for a guy’s performance anxiety. If your sexual encounters develop in a similar way without any element of surprise, he might get bored and lack interest. And of course you can’t reinvent yourself every time he need something new, but you can introduce new sex toys and accessories that will spice up your sex life. Try to use a butt plug or prostate stimulator to give him new levels of sexual pleasure and stimulation. You can also wear a pair of nipple clamps or an orgasm belt while you are giving him a blow job. This will keep both of you excited and prepared for the next level of your sexual encounter. If you are into BDSM practices, you can try adding some bondage games to your intimate life. Take it step by step and build your sexual strategy up based on his reactions.

3. Don’t put pressure on him

Adding pressure on your man is probably the only mistake that you are responsible for when it comes to his performance anxiety. You might not even realize that you are harming his sexual ego by simply having unrealistic expectations from him. However, a wise man will not fall into the trap of being affected by it, and he will struggle to do even better in order to satisfy you. But if he is not so experienced, he might take many of your comments at a personal level and build up sexual frustration that he will not be able to control. In such a case, you have to measure your words wisely, especially during your intimate moments, and don’t take unnecessary risks. Adding pressure on your man will only get him unable to control his feelings and relax during sex. Try to stick with the positive aspects and not expect or anticipate a mutual intense orgasm, because not everybody is a porn star!

Performance anxiety is a problem that affects both partners and not just guys. So you should try your best to fix it, especially since your partner might not be so open to admit or talk about it. Luckily, by following these simple tips you can help him overcome performance anxiety and enjoy an amazing sex life together!

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