Best Prostate Milking Tips for Male Orgasms

If you have been reading long enough, chances are you are already aware of all the benefits of a regular milking regime for the prostate. Besides achieving completely powerful and different ejaculation orgasms, the health benefits of a good prostate massage have been long proven. These include diminishing the risks of developing cancer and urinary and prostate problems in the long term, just in case you weren’t aware, wink*. So now that you are converted and want to try, you are probably wondering about the best tips to get there, and that’s exactly what I will be telling you about today.

  • Know thyself: Ok, the first step kind of speaks for itself, right? Wink*. It’s important for you to know where to locate the prostate and how to stimulate it. Get to know it, get acquainted with it and learn to love it, wink*. You will find it inside the man’s rectum, about 2 inches inside the anus and it should be easier to find when the guy is aroused because it enlarges and gets hard (just as other men’s members, he he) 
  • Be prepared: As you may be aware, each time you are dealing with anal play, it’s better to err on the side of caution and be prepared. Make sure the man goes to the bathroom before and doesn’t have to go to do number 2 during the process. Before playing with the prostate, is a good idea to clean the anus very thoroughly with a wet wipe or take a shower; if you guys want to take extra precautions, you can always consider doing an enema Just as well, the partner can also use gloves (or a condom over their hand!) if they feel more comfortable. Just make sure not to use latex if there are some allergies involved. And use a lot of lubrication! Don’t be afraid of the lube, the lube is your friend.
  • A method: If you bent your fingers towards the testicles, it should be easier to locate the prostate. And it’s not internally located only! If you gently push the skin in the perineum (the area between the testicles and anus, for those less versed in the subject) the man will feel the stimulation right away. Either way or method you choose, when you are applying pressure make sure to communicate often. Make him tell you if he likes it, if he wants to go slower or faster, etc. Remember talking about the sensations is the key to getting that most sought pleasure, wink*.
  • The massage: As I always say, start slow. Before inserting the finger, it’s always a good idea to caress the butt and anus (besides other areas to get him in the mood, it will be more enjoyable) Like I mentioned before, use plenty of lubrication, the prostate does not produce any so you will probably need to re apply it often. Start with one finger, lightly thrusting in and out (but never take it out completely) and build up from there slowly; let’s remember orgasms unusually happen in 5 minutes, so take your time. Enjoy the ride!
  • How about a toy? Those are always welcomed, right? Prostate toys are similar to toys that stimulate the G-spot (why would that be? Wink*) They are curved and have a handle so the can be inserted properly and can be held during the massage. The best materials to use are steel, glass and silicone because they are less likely to harbor bacteria, unlike their plastic and jelly cousins. Just make sure to clean your toy and get it disinfected (there’s no reason why a couple should not share their dildo, sharing is caring! Just clean it thoroughly after each use) And since we are talking models, there are a lot of choices: from strap on harness to vibrating or remote controlled prostate massagers on the market. If you are working with toys that have a handle, rocking them usually works better than plunging in and out.
  • Keys: Whether you are using fingers or toys, the key is to never stop stimulating the perineum and prostate. You can either touch the penis to add to the sensations or just make it an exclusive P-orgasm. You may be surprised to find men can also be multi orgasmic if they don’t ejaculate, just by massaging that special part of their bodies, wink*. On the other hand, if you want more ideas, why not try giving oral sex while you massage his prostate? Or play with a prostate toy during a blow job?

Position yourself: If you want to try something else, make him recline on his side with his leg towards his chest. If a guy is doing a prostate milking alone, this is probably the best position to do so, by the way wink*. Other position may be getting the man to sit with his knees to their chest or doggy style. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be one hell of ride, good orgasms.

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