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Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Prostate Massager

G-spot, G-spot, G-spot… Sometimes it seems the only thing everyone talks about is the most erogenous area for a woman. But what about men, I hear you ask? Well, fret no more, because the prostate is the male equivalent to that zone and it can be easily stimulated throughout the anus. Lucky for you, there are many toys out there designed specifically for prostate stimulation, so you don't necessarily have to use a dildo for some prostate play. At the beginning, it can seem a little intimidating to choose one - whether you want to give a little surprise to your man or for yourself- But that's why I'm here, to be your guide towards sexual enlightening, to be your own personal sex guru, to guide you trough infinite amounts of pleasure… Sorry, I got a little distracted there; let's get right on, shall we?

  • In this case, size does matter! Although prostate toys are usually more about design that size (I can think of a few other things where this is also applicable, *giggles), it's important you choose a slimmer model if you're beginning with prostate play – think 1 inch diameter or less- Remember it is safer to start with smaller things and then gradually build up in size (again, also applicable to other situations *wink).
  • Everything that vibrates is gold? Not everyone enjoys prostate vibrations; if you think you'd like something that vibrates, then consider acquiring a toy that comes with that function. If you are unsure, you can try purchasing a model that comes with a removable bullet; the bullet is the item that vibrates, not the toy itself.
  • Mission: Perineum Stimulation. This tends to go hand in hand with a P-spot orgasm (kind of like a G-spot orgasm, know what I mean? *wink), that's why a lot of toys come with a tab in the base of the device. But some men find the stimulation uncomfortable, so if you are not sure if you'd like that, try pressing on the area during sexual stimulation (more fun for everyone involved, right?). If you find it enjoyable, purchase a prostate toy that can stimulate the area.
  • Handles for every occasion. Although most prostate equipment has a curve, intended to hit the prostate, many have different handles in them: a flat base will allow for a better hands-free use…and works wonderful under clothing *wink; a circular handle allows finger sliding to move the toy around.
  • Let's go public: Some people like to use their prostate toy in public. If you are planning on using yours this way, remember to choose one without a painful base to sit on… And remember to get one that is not noticeable either.
  • The dildo dilemma. Like I said before, dildos are not specifically designed for prostate play, but that does not mean you shouldn't use one for it *wink. A curved G-spot or P-spot dildo could make for a good session of prostate play (ok, a really good session…). Here's a tip: because of the wider base, it's easier to use with a partner and they can also be added to a strap on harness for more couple's fun. You're always welcome ;)
  • Research this, research that. You should always look for information on the Internet before making a purchase. And not only that, but you should also read reviews and compare opinions before clicking "check out". Research its important because allows you to form a general idea about the toy before making a final decision. And that in turn makes for a better overall experience when the time comes to try out your new purchase (I'm not the only one excited about it, right?)

Ok, now that you are ready to play, remember to be relaxed. Usually beginners lie on their side and insert the well-lubricated toy; the idea is that the pelvic muscles clench and press towards the toy. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect; you should have a lot of time (and fun!) to explore those new sensations. Happy exploring!

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