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7 Fun Ways to Play Rough With Your Sissy Sub

Sissy play is incredibly fun to engage in. As with any form on bondage, there are different ways to do it and how you practice it and what you choose to partake of will depend on your imagination and creativity! Let’s take a look at some very fun ideas to get your started:
  • If you are feeling particularly naughty, sit down your sissy slave and restrain him. Then, start masturbating right in front of his face. You can do it with just your hands or any toy, the important thing is he won’t be able to touch you. Rub your juices on his face and make sure to finish! When you’re satisfied, step down, let them free and send them out for errands with the mess on their faces.
  • To train him, start with a small butt plug. Insert the plug and stimulate them with it while you make them watch gay porn or pictures of hot guys. This will create the connection in their brain and will make them ready for the real thing somewhere down the line…
  • Tell him the only sexual experience he may experience is to lick and suck your dildo clean after you have used it.
  • Make him lubricate a butt plug and then insert it. Then, make him put it on while he wears a pair of tight panties or better yet, a tight girdle. When all is set, the fun begins. Make him clean the house around and sit down sometimes…be careful about the expressions he makes for some fun entertainment, wink*.
  • Make him wash all your pretty lingerie…and his as well, by hand. He then must fold them neatly, you don’t want them ruined. And if they can do so in public, like a laundry mat, even better! If they are there, make them read a women’s magazine while they wait for the intimates to be done.
  • Make your sissy give you a mani/pedi. If you want, you can also make them get one and paint their nails in some extra bright colors like red or pink, but only after they have finished with yours!
  • If you have a boyfriend, discuss with your sissy choose what sexual activity you two can perform. Of course, your sissy will have to prepare the scene, so make them decorate the room in a romantic setting or cook for your dinner date. Your sissy may or may not be allowed to watch the activities (and chastity is optional, but recommended).

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