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Key Tips on Training Your Sissy Maid Properly

Training a sissy sub is quite complex but very rewarding. If you are interested on it, you will have to look out for the best method for you and your partner. On the other hand, a very popular sissy sub category is for sissy maids. If you want to try, you will find some good pointers right below, wink*:

  • To get started, you will need to bathe and shave your sissy in order to prepare them. Tuck their male member behind them so it doesn’t interfere or make them wear a chastity device. Put make up on them, spray them with your favorite femme perfume and make them wear a wig that you like.
  • Chastity devices are meant to be worn at all times. If the training it’s intense they have to wear it even when they are not in their sissy maid costume, underneath their regular male clothing. They will have to pee sitting down; reminding them they are sissies.
  • Having said that, you will have to create an orgasm schedule for them. How long they will have to wait between orgasms will depend on you, but if they break the schedule and masturbate or orgasm without supervision or without your orders, you must punish them.
  • Your sissy must also wear a butt plug at all times. It will help them stretch out and it will remind them they are a sissy each and passing moment.
  • A sissy’s underwear has to be woman like and feminine. This means the more lace and frills it got, the better. They must wear panties all day long; if you are strict and doing hard training, a corset it’s also required. Hosiery and stockings are also welcomed.
  • Same goes for dresses; a sissy maid has to wear a delicate maid costume all the time. Frilly skirts, tight leather skirts… heels are also necessary. You can make them wear pink ballet heels or Mary Jane’s or any type of shoe you want…
  • Dildos are also used most times. You can penetrate them with one everyday for them to train or you can even penetrate them with one as punishment or you can let them wear one while they do the house chores or they follow your commands.
  • Common house chores? Cooking, doing the laundry, ironing clothes, doing the dishes, cleaning the house and scrubbing the floors.
  • If they disobey, you can punish them by spanking them, not letting them cum and humiliate them verbally.
  • Usually, the dominatrix will prepare the sissy first thing by bathing and shaving them. Then, they will prepare their enema and put the butt plug in. If they have a milking session scheduled, they will do so before the chores commence. When they are done, they are completely yours to play with it, wink*.

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