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Creative Ideas for Sissy Slave Humiliation

If you have a sissy slave, chances are you are constantly looking for new ways to humiliate them. And sometimes you run out of ideas, so how about you read on to find some creativity:

  • You can make them wash all your underwear (and theirs), by hand! And make them iron all the pieces and fold them neatly.
  • Make them dress in super feminine underwear underneath their regular clothes and send them off to run some errands around the city.
  • A good idea is to make them wear heels, bras and panties and make them clean the house with that sexy outfit. Don’t forget the breast forms!
  • You can also put them in a dress and make them wear on the lawn.
  • Depending on your comfort level, you can put them in feminine clothing and take them out on a walk around your neighborhood or town. You can leave and make them walk around like that until you decide to get them.
    • Put them on a maid outfit and invite some guests. Your sissy will have to attend them (serve drinks, food, etc)…and extra points if they have to tend to your boyfriend as well, wink*.
    • Put them in chastity and make them watch a porn movie. Then, they will have to write an “essay” about it; describe what happened in the film, actor descriptions and things they liked about the movie and the actors.
    • Have them try on several pieces of clothing, sissy attire and chastity while you comment and make humiliating remarks.
    • Instead of regular socks, make them wear stockings or thigh highs. Yes, even when they go out to work!
    • Dress your slave in a feminine outfit and chastity and go out to a nightclub. Have your slave watch as you flirt with other guys. Depending on how far you want to go, tell your new guy how little your sissy satisfies you and how small of a penis he has…while your sissy hears your conversation. And send your sissy to make the house ready for when you get with your new guy…watching is optional wink*.
    • Take pictures of your sissy dressed in feminine attire and threaten to send those pictures to his co-workers, family and friends.
    • You can also make him post those pictures in a sissy website or forum for people to see how cute she is.
    • Depending on your community, make him read and flip through gay magazines in public while you watch from afar how other people react to it.
    • Go out on your own and make your sissy stay at home. He will have to do several things that are written on the list you have laid out for them: clean the house, repair anything that needs to be repaired, have dinner ready…paint their nails, shave or wax their legs, put on a wig, put on make up and dress in pretty lingerie.
    • You can also go out alone and make them wait for you while they are dressed to the nines (shaved, with make up, wig, etc). They will have to cook for you and clean. When you get home, go straight to eat and inspect the house. Make them do whatever you need (run you a bath, give you a massage) and don’t have regards for their needs. Only when you are ready to go to bed let them off the hook.

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