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Penned Punishment: Creating a Contract for Your Sissy Slave

If you are interested in making your sissy slave relationship more formal with established rules, we’ve got you covered wink*. This is a model to give you some ideas about what clauses this contract can include. As you may be aware, you can add or take away whatever you like, depending on the nature of your relationship and your partner; this is only a model piece to give you an idea where to start:


The sissy must have all body hair removed, either by shaving daily or waxing. This can be done by the dominatrix or the sissy themselves. They must moisturize their skin daily for it to be smooth and take care of their hair or wear a wig. Their nails must be perfectly manicured; their toenails must always be painted in a vibrant and feminine shade, the fingernails will be painted with clear varnish.


When the sissy is at home, all the clothing worn must be of feminine nature; dresses, skirts, hosiery, corset and the likes; they must wear teddies and baby dolls to bed. Whether they are at home or not, the sissy must wear women’s panties 24/7. If they are collared, they must wear the collar at all times when they are at home.


The sissy understands he is not a real man that has power over his life. The sissy accepts the dominant partner will determine what they do and understand they must obey their dominant’s commands. The sissy acknowledges their partner it’s superior to them; and not only their partner, but also any real man or woman. They also understand they will not be referred to with their male name; a sissy nickname will be adopted. The sissy it’s not allowed under any circumstances to talk back or question their Mistress.

Sissy rights

The sissy is allowed on furniture and it’s also allowed to walk on two legs and eat at the table with silverware and plates. They can be allowed to make eye contact, depending on what you want from them; the important thing it’s the decision must be in written in the contract. How they go to the bathroom (most times they are meant to pee sitting down) must also be stated here.


The sissy hast to be put in a chastity device at all times or how long the Mistress decides. The sissy understands their primary sexual organs will be their mouth and ass. They are not allowed to touch themselves or orgasm unless the Mistress commands them. The sissy must satisfy the Mistress at all times in whatever way she likes. Usually, the sissy must also wear a butt plug for as long as he can everyday. The sissy also understands Mistress can penetrate them with a dildo or strap on whenever she wishes to do so. Some sissies are also required to wear panties with a pad on or carry tampons at one point every month.


The contract must also state what are the acceptable punishment methods the dominatrix or dominant partner can inflict upon the sissy if they so require. It must also state what infringements would require such punishments.


You will also have to decide and write if the sissy it’s allowed to show themselves in public. It will depend on your particular lifestyle; if you are part of a BDSM or sissy community, you may want to show your sissy (or not, depending on what you guys want/like!). If you don’t regularly participate on community events, the sissy may wish to remain private.

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