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More Creative Ideas for Sissy Slave Humiliation

If you’re looking for some inspiration to humiliate your sissy slave, this list might give you some ideas. The good thing is, even if you don’t do it exactly like it says, you can always adapt it your needs or give it your own twist:

  • Pad their breast form and make them work out in women’s clothing. Depending, you can make them do so in public.
    • Put them in a closet or cage for a while you entertain guests or walk around the house.
    • Look for a make up tutorial on the web and make them duplicate the look. If they don’t do it right, let them know and make them do it again (or how many times it’s necessary) for them to duplicate it right.
    • If you have a boyfriend or other guy in your life, have them hold your sissy’s chastity If your sissy wants to be left out of the chastity, let them know they will have to call your boyfriend and ask them. Extra points: your sissy will have to complete sexual favors for them to release them…and you’ll watch, of course.
    • A variation of the one above if you don’t want to include someone else, it’s to make them perform sexual favors on you until you’re satisfied to let them out of the chastity.
    • Have your sissy tuck their penis with a girdle for a week. Yes, even when they are sleeping.
    • At random times, make them practice blow jobs on a dildo. The idea it’s for him never to see it come, so don’t follow a pattern.
    • Make them use a nipple suction device for their nipples to augment their size. And them make them wear a bra, of course!
    • A combination of the one above, it’s to make them have a fashion shoot with their new acquisitions. They will also have to wear a wig and make up to complete the look!
    • Let them know if they want to have sex with you, it will only have to be with a strap on. They are not allowed to use their penis ever again.
    • Drop them at the mall dressed as a woman and leave them there. Take away their money and phone so the only means for them to get home is by you. Alternatively, they can get a ride with someone…if they are willing to do so wink*.
    • You can set your sissy with a gay/bi man for a sexual experience. They will have to ask permission to give a blow job and to swallow
    • You can also make them give you their paychecks and then spend the money on yourself or on something nice for them. Bonus: use the money to go out or have a date with someone else and let them know they are working for that.
    • Get rid of their boxers and male underwear and make him use panties everyday. Even when they are wearing male clothing on public. And make everyone catch a glimpse of those panties by un tucking their shorter shirt (people will see it when they stretch or lean over)
    • Have them get a tan with high waisted panties and a bra. When they haven’t got a shirt on (you can make them wash the car without one on) everyone will be able to see the tan lines.
    • Penetrate yourself with a dildo and then make them lick the dildo
    • Make him wash with women’s products only so they always smell like a sissy. Including shaving lotion, hand and body lotion, shampoo and perfume.

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