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Straightjackets: Don't Let Your Lover Get Away!

If you never tried a straightjacket during your sex scenes, you might want to give these outfits a chance. Straightjackets are very popular in the BDSM community and they are part of a wide variety of sex scenes and fantasies. You will never get bored if you are using a straightjacket during your intimate encounters and you might also spice things up in your relationship. Especially if you noticed that your sex life reached a routine point, you might want to make some changes in order to avoid loosing the intimate connection that you and your lover have.

You can use straightjackets by themselves, without combining them with any other sex toys and accessories. This is because straightjackets are all you need to restrain your submissive lover and not allow them to get away during your intense sexual encounter. However, this is just a manner of saying that you will both have an intense sexual experience because you still have to consider that everything that goes on in the bedroom should be sane, safe and consensual for everyone involved in the sex scene. As long as both you and your lover reach the sexual orgasm that you are aiming for, everything is allowed and you can even push things to your limits just to discover new sides of your sexuality. It might be a great idea to have a discussion with your partner beforehand just to make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to fetishes like that.

You can easily add a straightjacket to most BDSM fetishes and fantasies and you can even use it to help your lover feel vulnerable and controlled during foreplay or maybe a sex scene of stimulation. Orgasm control is a very popular fetish and you can successfully try it using such a jacket as your slave will not be able to run away anyway. This offers you an extra level of control but also a higher sexual energy as you will feel empowered to keep at it and stimulate your lover to their limits. You can even add some impact play as you are enjoying in such a sex scene because it can be that much hotter if your lover is wearing a straightjacket. Besides the visual that you will get, you will also enjoy seeing them so helpless a they are wrapped in that jacket and willing to let you stimulate or punish them however you want. So, feel free to use your imagination and see how far it can take both of you so you will enjoy an intense sexual encounter.

While the seeing your lover in a straightjacket can be both hot and inspiring, the fact that they will not really be able to go away from you while they are wearing it, is the best part. And it doesn’t matter how hard you might try to imagine such a sex scene, you never really know how it truly feels to be restrained like that until you actually try it. So, rather than picturing yourself or your partner wearing such a jacket, you should invest in one and see how it feels. Choose one that comes in a neutral color such as black, while or grey so you can be sure that it will match all your sex toys and accessories. This will help you match it a lot easier with what you already have in your sexual arsenal and you will find it more pleasant to engage into a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies.

Your slave partner will be more than happy to be restrained like this without the freedom to move as they please because to a submissive person, this type of limitation is really exciting. The more vulnerable they feel in front of their dominant or mistress, the better! And you can make the most out of such a feeling so be sure to explore it to its highest standards. Chances are that you will be curious about trying the straightjacket yourself. And if you are willing to switch roles with your submissive, this might be a very good idea. If you have a flexible BDSM relationship, meaning that you can switch roles as you please, you will get to enjoy all the feelings such a sex life has to bring you. And you can be sure that a straightjacket will work great for such a flexible sexual personality. If that is the case, you can find straightjackets that are unisex and you can choose to wear it as you want to. This gives both of you the freedom to experience not being able to run away and giving up complete control in the favour of your lover. So, get your straightjacket and enjoy some intense sex play!

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