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Fetish Checklist

You already know I’m a kinky bitch (and I use that in the most endearing way! *haha*), but how much do you know about your lover and how much does your lover know about you?

Ok, I know you’ve got some deliciously sexy and kinky thoughts running through your head right now, but does your lover know? Then how will they be able to satisfy all those deep desires? Too hard to bring up in conversation? Yup, I hear you.

Well, here’s a handy little checklist designed to just offer up some ideas of things that «gosh, I never thought about before, but I’d be willing to try that…» *wink-wink!* So, here you have a whole big list of fun little fetishes ranging from bondage to sensation play and more, more, more!

All you need to do is print out this handy, dandy list, and suggest it to your lover over, say, a glass of wine (or the whole bottle! tee-hee), a little afterglow or just messing around and getting a little frisky. Picking the right time and setting the mood is important because you and your lover might not select an activity unless you or they are in the proper mood and therefore, the right frame of mind! *wink-wink*

I did it with my girlfriend and I’m (honestly) suprised at how much I was able to say «Yes!» to! hee-hee, *blush*

Click Here to Download the Fetish Checklist

Now that you know all their sexy little kinks and desires, click here to go to our Bondage Gear Home Page!

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