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3 Sexual Fantasies to Explore Tonight

Our sexuality should be developed over time and we should be able to discover and understand new aspects of our own sexual nature that we can also share with our partner. Every age bracket comes with different advantages and sex is one of those things that keep getting better in time. But for that to happen, we need to keep an open mind and use our imagination freely during sexual encounters and even masturbation sessions. There are a multitude of ways to stimulate ourselves sexually and taking care of our partner’s needs as well. And with all the sex toys and accessories that are now available on the market, there is no excuse to keep doing the same sexual practice all over again, no matter how much you like it. So, let’s take a look at some of the hottest fantasies that you might want to try and see how you can use them to reach new sexual horizons along with your lover!

1. Role play

Role play is probably the most complex type of sexual scene that you can have, and it is also one of the most intense sexual encounters. You can find a variety of costumes and accessories that will match your sex theme and they are extremely sexy as well so your partner will get turned on as soon as they see you! Use toys that are appropriate for your role play type. For instance, if it implies some sort of bondage you can use a rope or tape to tie your lover down. Set the bedroom up for this kind of sex game and wait for your partner to come and join you! This is one of the most intense surprises you can give them after a long day at work or after an exhausting week. You can be sure that they will get right in the role and satisfy all your sexual needs as well, making it a sexual encounter hard to forget.

2. Watch porn during sexual encounters

Watching porn is always a good idea because it gets your imagination going and you can become excited about new sexual fetishes and fantasies that you didn’t even consider trying before. And you don’t have to watch porn alone or just when you masturbate. You can also enjoy it with your partner. The best way to use porn in the favour of your relationship is to enjoy a hot video when you are in the middle of your sexual encounter. You can take a look at the video every now and then and get new ideas that you can try with your partner right away. Not to mention that watching porn during sexual encounters makes your sex drive stays high and even enjoys the orgasm more. Visual stimulation is just as important as any other type of stimulation and you shouldn’t underestimate its power. And, did you know that with the right imagination some people can reach climax just by watching a hot erotic video even without having sexual intercourse?

3. Having sex where you could get caught

The feeling of getting caught is an intense one and it increases the adrenaline level in your body which will give you just the right amount of rush that you need to have an amazing sexual encounter. You can try this feeling when you are visiting your family or when you are in a restaurant and can take a quick trip to the restroom. Be spontaneous and hunt these moments as they come because you will not find the same opportunity twice and you will regret not knowing the excitement of having sex when you can get caught. And your partner will want to join you in your little sexual adventure as well and experiment the new sensations! This will not only spice up your sexual life but it will also make you have more sexual encounters since you will overcome your limits!

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