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3 Ways to Experience a Mind over Matter Orgasm

Orgasms are the ultimate level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. They come in various forms as well as different levels of intensity. However, one orgasm stands out from the rest and it is called mind over matter orgasm. It is based on your sensations as well as the power of your imagination more than on sexual intercourse or different forms of sexual penetration. This type of orgasm is not easy to achieve for beginners.However, with a little training and experience, it can become a very important part of your sexuality. The good news is you can achieve such an orgasm in a multitude of ways even during a long and exciting session of sexual masturbation. All you need is a good imagination and the freedom to enjoy your body to its fullest potential. If you have never tried to reach and enjoy a mind over matter orgasm, here are some useful tips and tricks to help you get there!

1. Masturbate your way to a mind over matter orgasm

Masturbation is a great way to achieve any type of orgasm in particular when you have the right sex toys and accessories. Masturbation is also a good way to enjoy a mind over matter orgasm! While you masturbate, let your imagination run wild and enjoy all the sensations you experience. You can use your bare hands or you can do it in front of a mirror. Bear in mind, the visual stimulation can increase your experience. You can also rely on your favorite sex toys and accessories such as your dildo, nipple clamps or butt plug to intensify the amount of pleasure you feel. The main idea is to stay creative and try to find new ways to stimulate your body and your mind at the same time to help you reach an intense mind over matter orgasm. While you masturbate, fantasize about a specific scenario you are turned on by. Your mind can go everywhere you want it to go thus opening up countless possibilities for you.

2. Try to reach an orgasm without sexual intercourse

Trying to reach an orgasm without actual sexual intercourse and without masturbating might sound tricky for many beginners, but it is not! It can be as simple as playing a game of sexual stimulation between you and your lover. Try to discover each other’s body in order to increase the sexual tension between you. Consider this as a form of prolonged foreplay ending in an intense mind over matter orgasm. Be sure to use your mind more than pleasuring the flesh while you explore your lover’s body and erogenous zones and then encourage them to do the same. People with specific fetishes such as a foot obsession will find it easy to give this a try because they are used to appreciating other areas of their lover’s body aside from their genitalia. By enjoying a session of mutual stimulation, both of you can reach an amazing mind over matter orgasm and improve your sex life as a result!

3. Watch erotic videos and stimulate your imagination

Watching erotic videos can be part of your masturbation session. But it can also be used to give you an orgasm based only on your imagination and power to develop fantasies. Do your best to watch erotic videos without touching yourself. Use your power of imagination to give yourself an intense level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. If you do reach an orgasm by doing so then it will be a mind blowing one you will always remember and want to repeat!

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