Best Reasons to Try Tantric Sex

If there is something in this world surrounded by plenty of myths, then it is tantric sex. Many people don’t really know much about it and consider it an obscure, freaky practice. But in reality, this has less to do with weird sex and more to do with spiritualist activities to make you attain nirvana. Yeah, sounds more like yoga than sex, right? Tantric sex is an ancient practice with roots in Buddhism and Hinduism cultures. The idea behind it is to control your breathing so as to create a connection with your partner. Sex is not even part of this, per se. So yeah, no doubt you are getting curious about this now *wink*

Tantric sex operates on the belief of one’s sexual energy. It focuses on channeling this sexual energy with sensuality, touches and intimacy. If you do decide to give it a go, you should know it will require you to focus on your partner. Likewise, to let go of the idea you should end every ‘sexual’ activity with orgasms or climax.

The main purpose of tantric practices is to create and cultivate the sexual energy everyone possesses. But this is not done through penetrative sex. According to these beliefs, you should try to hold on to your orgasm for as long as it is humanly possible because it is not necessary in tantric sex. Achieving an orgasm should be the last thing on your mind. However, you can have penetrative sex at the end of the session if you wish. It is also fine if you want to masturbate, but keep in mind the same principle applies. Delaying your orgasm as much as you can, if not, foregoing it completely.

So, what are tantric practices about if sex is not even the main dish? Well, as mentioned, it works to activate your sexual energy by stimulating your body and senses to create a spiritual connection with your partner. You and your partner build intimacy by embracing (obviously, the best way to do this is while both of you are naked) and synchronizing your breathing. The idea is for them to breathe in your air and the other way around. Ideally, physical connection is made by sitting across each other, with your knees touching as you stare deeply into each other eyes. Now, the sensual intimacy and stimulation this creates could be quite intense, so take your time to get there.

As you hold and stare at one another, you can also touch and caress each other. But remember this is not about making each other cum, so don’t get too handsy where you shouldn’t. Kissing is also allowed, and just like every movement made, they should be long, slow and passionate. Keep your eyes open otherwise you would break the connection. The session can last as long as the two of you want it to.

If you are worried this whole thing could make you feel too aroused and you will need to cum, just remember to keep taking deep breaths. This way you will be more in control of your body and its reactions. The best technique is to breathe through your nose, bring the breath to the bottom of your stomach and then back again towards the nose.

You may be wondering then, ‘Why practice this at all? It sounds like torture’. But rest assured it isn’t. Plus, it promises several benefits. First, it will help strengthen your connection with your partner. You will be more intimate and this is always a great thing for every relationship. Second, you will have more energy, greater creativity and more vivid dreams. And, of course, you will be activating your sexual energy which is often not so active in many people. Awakening your sexual energy will help you have more mystical experiences and eventually lead you to achieve enlightenment.

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