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The Best Positions for First Time Sexual Encounters

No one ever said first time’s the charm. Truth be told, first times tend to be quite messy, imperfect and not what you expected at all. But if you ask me this could be part of the charm. When you start a relationship with someone, no doubt you will be thinking a lot about all the first times ahead. The first time you saw them, the first time you talked with each other, your first kiss, the first time you saw each other naked, and more. But when it comes to having sex for the first time, the expectations tend to be higher and you usually start to plan ahead. But in reality any plans you make would be for nothing because things hardly turn out the way you expect them to. So, it is better to throw all expectations out of the window and simply try to get to know each other.

Remember the first time is more about getting to know one another and enjoying the moment. It is not about having mind blowing or blow-it-out-of-the-park sex. So, some positions would be best for first timers. But make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing because confidence in yourself is half the battle.

The missionary position has a reputation for being basic and vanilla. But in this case it would be your best choice. Remember since it is your first time so you want to keep it simple. This is not the time for you to pull out the whips and chains. The woman lies down while the man gets on top to penetrate her. As straightforward as it maybe, it will create a lot of intimacy between the two of you and lead to a very intense experience.

An easy yet different position to try is backdoor planking. Basically, it is a variation of the doggy style. The woman lowers her whole body on the bed. You can place a pillow beneath the hips, while the man is behind her and pressed down on her back. Although he won’t be able to penetrate deep towards the cervix in this position, it is still a good option for beginners.

The magic mountain is another variation of the doggy style. In this position you need to stack a bunch of pillows to rest your bodies on them. The woman supports herself on the pillows while he penetrates her from behind. It is quite similar to doggy style but less intense.

If you want to try the woman on top (who doesn’t? wink*) you have some options too. These are great because the woman can control the depth of the penetration and the rhythm. You can try the pillow tower. You will also need a bunch of pillows but in this case the man will be located right at the edge of the bed so his legs can hang down. The woman kneels on top of him with her knees on each side of his hips and her hands on the pillow. The idea here is for the woman to have some leverage and support.

Another good woman on top variation is to have the man will lie down on his back while the woman lowers down to his penis as she kneels. Her knees should be on the bed and her feet on the inside of his legs. The idea is for her to lean forward and move her hands at the sides of her partner’s head.

Those in the mood for romance can try spooning. Do this as if you were cuddling while the man penetrates the woman from behind. This can be good for your first time because the penetration is shallow and cannot go deeper.

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