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How to Change Your Sexual Routine

Sexual routine is a problem that many couples have to face, especially when we talk about long terms relationships. But luckily, there are cures for this issue and the sooner you start fixing this problem, the better will be for your relationship and sexual life. A healthy relationship is based on sexual diversity among other aspects and you have to keep an open mind to maintain that diversity for the benefit of both you and your partner. The BDSM enthusiasts have it easy when it comes to facing sexual routine due to all the options they have and all the possible fetishes they can indulge in to spice up their sexual experiences, but let’s look at some steps you can take right away to better your intimate relationship before it is too late!

1. Try new toys

Trying new sexual toys and accessories is always a good thing to do but it is even more important especially when you feel that your sex life became rather boring and the excitement is just not there anymore. You can try to stimulate different parts of your partner’s body such as their nipples by using a pair of nipple clamps or introduce them into anal sex by trying a nice butt plug. Trying new styles of bondage is always a great turn on and a powerful tool when you want to add sparkle to your sexual encounters and allows you to use your imagination to see where it will take you!

2. Watch erotic videos

Watching erotic videos can be so inspiring and entertaining that you might even get addicted. But while keeping a balance is important, watching some hot movies with your partner will only change things for the better. You will both feel more passionate toward each other and more relaxed and you might learn a thing or two about new sexual positions that you can try. When you see the action on the screen, chances are that you will look forward to experience the same level of sexual intensity and that is all you need to gain some courage and try out new things with your partner. So, relax and enjoy the view!

3. Get into a new fetish

It is never too late to discover a new fetish. Our sexuality is never a defined field and we continue to evolve all our lives by trying new things and experiencing new sensations. If you always wondered how it feels like to have a session of spanking or whipping with your partner, the time has come for you to give it a try. Impact play can be a great form of foreplay but it can also lead to intense orgasms by itself so don’t hold back when you use that paddle or flogger and let your sexual desire speak through your passionate actions! And if you are beyond that and want to try something a little bit more extreme, edge play is the thing for you. Many BDSM enthusiasts find edge play to be one of their favorite types of BDSM scene due to its increased intensity and extreme sexual stimulation. Not to mention the lack of limits that a good edge play scene has!

When routine kicks in, your sexual life will suffer tremendously and sometimes, talking about it with your partner might become more personal than it has to be and problems begin to arise that you didn’t even have before. That is why taking these steps will help you solve the issue and forget about being bored in bed, without affecting your relationship more than you have to and increasing your intimacy level. Your partner will be more than thankful for your actions and they will be happy to join in and indulge in those new fetishes and toys that you have prepared for the two of you to enjoy next time you step into your bedroom!

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