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Reasons Why You Should Have Tantric Sex

The practice of Tantric sex has been around for about 5000 years, even longer than me and my infinite wisdom… wink* These practices look to create a connection between a couple to increase their intimacy and eventually achieve a higher level of spirituality. With time, this newfound connection can lead to more intense and powerful orgasms. Anyone can participate in tantric sex for as long as they are willing. So, why don’t you give it a try?

The benefits of practicing tantric sex are plenty. For one, you will create a more intimate relationship with your partner. Second, you will have more control of your own sexuality and sexual energy. This in turn will help you have mind blowing sexual experiences and lead to you nirvana. These sexual experiences can make you feel like you have transcended to another spiritual plane? Where do I sign up?

Tantric sex can be great when you want to shake things up in your sex life. Although chances are it is not the first thing you would think of despite its popularity, when someone proposes ‘we should try something different in bed’ (this line of thought probably goes more in the direction of sex toys) even so it can be a unique way to do it. You will able to reconnect with your partner and create more intimacy in your relationship. Bear in mind, tantric sex is quite intense, so you might discover newfound connections you probably weren’t expecting. Trust me, you could be surprised about the things you find out along your journey (yes, I know this sounds more like a spiritual retreat, but it is still about tantric sex)

What is also cool about tantric experiences is it doesn’t really have a huge learning curve. Basically, what you should do is clear your mind by taking off the pressure of having an orgasm. Just concentrate on the sensations you are experiencing and your partner. One of the goals of tantric sex is to delay orgasm as much as possible…but, in turn you will able to last longer and extend pleasure. So yeah, it is quite different compared to all those sexual techniques out there.

If you do to give it a go, begin by turning out or dimming the lights. Create your own special bubble and make sure to take some time to explore this practice. No time restrictions are allowed (remember this is not a quickie in the morning). Next, shake your body to get rid of any tension you may have. It is necessary to be present in the right here, right now. Strip naked or to your underwear and then lay down next to your partner.

Start by breathing very slowly and deeply while looking deep into each other eyes. Begin touching each other as you explore each other’s eyes. Remember this is not about orgasms, so just caress and touch them. You can add some extra elements to this if you want by touching them with a feather, a crop, or give them a massage…whatever feels good. What you want to do is heighten your senses to let the sexual energy flow freely between the two of you.

All throughout this experience always focus on those deep breaths to create a connection. So when your partner is exhaling you will be inhaling their breath and the other way around. This helps you focus on the moment as the mind tends to drift apart often. Remember tantric practices are all about being present in the moment.

Tantric sex is something highly beneficial for a couple. Talk to your partner about it to see if they are interested. It may be intimidating to do something so spiritual but remember you can always just try it and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue doing it. This is not a mandatory course in school you need to take in order to graduate…

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