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Straightjackets, Gags, and Hoods: Take Your Fantasies to the Next Level

Fantasies are common to all of us even if we don’t all get turned on by the same ones, we still like to fantasize on certain things. This is also part of having a healthy sex life and a healthy mind, body and soul. You should never refrain from having fantasies and even developing new ones because these small details can make your relationship a lot more interesting. And if you like to indulge in long sessions of masturbation, you have even more reasons to develop intense fantasies and explore new fetishes as well. There are certain sex toys and accessories that will help you entertain the fantasies that you already have and discover even more interesting and exciting ones.

But if you are new to BDSM and bondage fantasies, you might find it difficult to identify the best sex toys and accessories that go with these fetishes and sex scenes. To ease your job, here are some awesome ideas that you can try out next time you get intimate with your lover. It works even better if both you and your partner are BDSM or bondage enthusiasts and if you know which role is good for you. Usually, in a steady relationship, it becomes clear over some time who will be the submissive one and who will have the dominant role. And by knowing that you will discover that is a lot easier to identify the right fetishes and fantasies that will suit you best and develop them into even more intense one.

1. Combine your favourite straightjacket with a hood and a mouth gag

Maybe the most popular combination of sexual accessories is the one between a straightjacket, a hood and a mouth gag. Just pay attention to the colors of these pieces as they should somewhat match together for a better visual effect. The visual effect is very important during your sex scenes so don’t underestimate its potential. One example of a great fetish that you can develop with these toys is a good punishment and discipline session. Or you can go for a session of impact play and even intercourse. The roleplays that you can explore with these accessories are endless if you use your imagination and creative skills.

2. Always add a mouth gag to spice things up a bit

Mouth gags have the obvious quality to make your lover feel even more submissive than before because they are not able to talk during your sex scenes. This also means that you can’t establish a safe word for when they feel uncomfortable but you can implement a safe action that will work on the same principle. When your submissive partner is wearing a mouth gag you can indulge in all kinds of fantasies, from soft play to edge play, depending on what turns both of you on the most. You can also go for thematic mouth gags such as bit gags which are perfect for pet and pony play, and open mouth gags which work great for medical play. It is important to use your imagination and make the most out of wearing a mouth gag and even ask your partner beforehand what would they like to try in terms of fetishes.

3. Try out hoods on a naked body and see what ideas you get

Very few things are sexier than a sexy lady, naked, wearing only a sexy hood to cover her head. Some hoods will cover the entire head while other models will reveal the face or just the eyes or mouth. If the hood you have is the type that reveals the mouth, you can even combine it with a gag in order to increase the excitement even more. The visual stimulation that you will get out of this will be so exciting and you will love the entire race toward an intense orgasm while your slave is wearing just a sexy hood. And since the rest of their body is exposed there for you to enjoy, you can indulge in all kinds of fantasies that work great for both of you. Make sure everything that goes on between you and your lover is safe, sane and consensual for both of you and that you enjoy every moment of it. By following this simple rule, you will discover a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies that are easy to explore and very accessible.

As you can see, there is no problem when you want to step up your sex games a little. All you need is the right sexual arsenal and the right type of passion to make the most out of it. Take your lover to a whole new level of sexual experiences and develop not only your fantasies but also your entire relationship.

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