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Start the New Year with New Fetishes

Starting a new year is always a reason of joy and excitement and it can be a very intense holiday in many places of the world. But besides your professional and personal plans, how about you try to add some new sexual fantasies on your list? Starting a new year is a great occasion for taking your sexual life to a whole new level! And if you are new in the BDSM community, brace yourself because there are plenty of fetishes that you and your partner can enjoy if you want to start your new year on an intense sexual note! Let’s look at some of the most unique fetishes that you can indulge in and what do you need for it, besides a high level of sexual energy!

1. Suspension bondage

Suspension bondage is a form of bondage that got to be very popular among experts BDSM practitioners but it can easily be performed by beginners as well. And if you have no idea how it feels to have a suspension bondage BDSM scene, the New Year might be a treat time to give it a try! All you need is rope and a creative imagination. Some knowledge about human anatomy will help you as well for the sake of your submissive partner who has to be safe before anything else. And if you don’t feel ready to dive into the hardcore aspect of suspension bondage you can start by using a swing. This is a great way to see how much you will like it and you can always develop your suspension bondage fetish from there.

2. Furry sexual games

Furry sexual games are so exciting and so popular that you have to give them a fair try! And to do so you will need to talk with your partner and see what both of you are excited by. You can make your submissive slave wear accessories like cute and furry tails attached to their anal plug in! Leashes are also a great accessory to have around when you indulge yourself into a furry BDSM scene. Use your imagination and discipline your furry human pet just they that you like. Having the right sexual arsenal for this will make the entire scene more intense and realistic and your partner will be a happy lover!

3. Crossdressing

Ah, the good old crossdressing! Here, you can do pretty much everything. You can be a hot school girl or a slutty French maid by wearing the best costume. Sissies are very popular nowadays due to their incredible sexiness and excitement so if you want to please your mistress like a professional slave, dress yourself up like a cute sissy and try to worship her the best you can. You can combine this fetish with a bunch of new accessories like collars and cuffs, and get as realistic and exciting as you possible get. Your dominatrix or your master will be more plan please to control you as a good sissy and this might open many sexual doors. But crossdressing in general is a bridge to a multitude of sexual fetishes, some of them even undiscovered yet but feel free to experiment and see what are your limits, if you do have any.

These are just a few fetishes that you can put on your New Year’s resolution list but you can add even kinkier one according to your personal fantasies. Talking with your partner might give you some new ideas as well and don’t be afraid to share these kinky desires with each other. A healthy and happy sexual relationship is based on communication and open mind activities so the more you allow yourself to explore, the more sexual satisfaction you will reach! Sounds like a busy year ahead of you but wait until you actually try some of these fetishes and can’t get enough of them!

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