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Must Have Furry Accessories

If you are new to pet and pony fetishes, you will discover a world full of excitement and sexual satisfaction for you and your partner. Pen and pony fetishes are so popular for a reason and BDSM enthusiasts easily slide into such sexual practices because they are both fun and kinky. Not to mention that a pet game gives you a new perspective on sexuality all together and it can help both of you discover new sexual identities and reach new limits. Let’s look at some items that you will need in your sexual arsenal when you dive into furry games and pet play! The rest is left to your imagination and creativity!

1. Furry tails

Furry tails are great sexual accessories for pet and pony play but even if you are not into these kind of fetishes you can appreciate a nice furry tail during your BDSM scenes. It is very exciting to see your naked submissive partner wearing one of these tails while they are waiting for you to spank them with your favorite paddle or whip them with a whip or a flogger. You can incorporate a furry tale into many sexual practices and use your imagination to create new fetishes that would be perfect for such a cute accessory. Your partner will feel even more control by you while they are wearing such an accessory because they will feel as fragile as a kitten in your arms.

2. Furry cuffs

BDSM enthusiasts love cuffs of all kinds, handcuffs and leg cuffs made of a variety of materials. But furry cuffs are even more exciting! Any BDSM beginner will be excited to use a pair of cuffs and give part of their control up in the favor of their dominant partner. Furry cuffs are much more comfortable and they tend to mix sexual excitement with the comfort and the cuteness of these accessories in a way that made these sex tools very appreciated. You can incorporate these furry accessories into any type of pet play but also mix it with your favorite form of bondage.

3. Furry butt plugs

Who doesn’t love butt plugs? Maybe only those who never tried them. Anal stimulation is a great fetish for many BDSM couples and there are so many kinds of anal plugs that it might be hard to choose one that will work best for you. But, if you want to get your lover into anal play, you can try to give them a furry butt plug. They look like puffy bunny tails and are just too cute to not give them a try. The butt plugs come in different sizes and you might need to try several ones before you can tell which one is the best for you and your partner’s needs and sexual expectations. They have the bunny tail attached at the end that way this puffy tail is the only thing that you will see when your submissive partner shakes their bum bum around you. This can be a huge turn on for both of you and can help you discover new sexual levels and a more intense sexual satisfaction.

So, furry accessories and toys are great for pet and pony fetishes but not only. You can use one of these toys or more of them in almost every BDSM scene as long as you let your creativity lead the way. Your partner might be so turned on by these cute toys that they will be willing to indulge into new sexual practices with you. Buying such accessories can be a great way to convince your lover to join you into some of your sexual fantasies so don’t hesitate to try them during your intimate moments. And when these cute furry toys are mixed with an intense form of sexual bondage, you are ready to experience a whole new sexual scene that might change your perspective about your own fantasies.

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