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What Can You Combine an Armbinder With?

If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, you most likely heard and even tried armbinders during your sexual encounters. Armbinders are meant to be a sexually accessory for the submissive lover and it increases their humbleness in font of their dominant or their mistress as well as offering a visual stimulation to both partners involved in the sexual act. But to enjoy an incredible sex scene, you should know how to combine the armbinders with other sex toys and accessories. And that might be overwhelming considering the wide variety of sex toys and accessories that you can find on the market nowadays. So, here is what you can combine your ambinders with, in case you want to discover new ways to entertain yourself and your lover in your intimate life.

1. Nipple clamps

Some of the best sex toys that you can use as you or your lover are wearing a pair of armbinders, are nipple clamps. Nipple clamps are very versatile and they can be used in a wide range of sex scenes. Wearing armbinders will expose your breasts and you will enjoy the extra stimulation that you can’t resist to. Women can even have entire sex scenes and orgasms with no sexual intercourse, only based on an intense nipple stimulation. And stimulating a woman’s nipples as her arms are tied in a pair of armbinders is a very entertaining and exciting sex scene. You can use nipple clamps to develop entire fetishes and your lover will not complain. So, don’t underestimate the potential of these sex toys, especially if you are planning to combine them with a hot pair of armbinders.

2. Leg cuffs and spreader bar

Spreader bars are very exciting and they can change the course of an entire sex scene. You can use a spreader bar in almost any kind of sex scene and scenario. And you will be thankful you did. There is nothing sexier than a slave wearing a hot pair of armbinders and a spreader bar that will keep them “open” at all times. The same goes for leg cuffs. If your slave’s arms are locked in an armbinder system why not trying to use some leg cuffs as well so the domination would be complete? This will bring you a complete new level of sexual stimulation and you will discover that you can enjoy your favourite fetishes by adding a lot more dominance to your sex scenes. And if you are a BDSM enthusiast, this is a great thing to experience. Your lover will thank you for such a sexual path as well and they will gladly walk on it with you.

3. Mouth gags and hoods

If you like to have a submissive slave, have them wear a mouth gag with that armbinder. Taking away your slave’s capacity to talk can be extremely exciting for a dominant or a mistress. You can control them even more by having them wear different sex toys and accessories and even use some verbal humiliation to add to the dominance aspect. You lover is going to enjoy the fact that their freedom is limited because a true submissive likes to give a lot of control to their dominant. And wearing a mouth gag or a hood that will objectify them, will only increase the excitement for a slave. All this will also make the dominant happy to practice all that sexual control they wanted to practice and discover new fetishes and fantasies along with their lover.

4. Paddles, floggers or whips

Paddles as well as floggers and whips are some amazing sex toys to use on your lover as they are wearing a pair of armbinders.

Armbinders are a great sexual accessory to have in your sexual arsenal. You can put together a wide variety of sex scenes and scenarios by using armbinders and you will not regret that when you see the benefits it brings you and your lover. All you have to do is keep an open mind so you can make the most out of these experiences and enjoy them as much as possible. Chances are that you will not have a sexual routine that can damage your relationship and both you and your lover will have a happier and healthier long term relationship.

Chances are that once you are wearing an armbinder, your sex life will reach new levels of excitement. And your relationship will grow along with the sex scenes you will experience together. So, free your mind and allow your imagination to materialize into these amazing sex scenes that will bring the thrill and excitement back into your life. You will enjoy every intimate moment like it was the first one and you will discover that many sex toys can put a new light on your sex life.

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