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Your Ultimate Guides to Armbinders

Armbinder Bondage 101 - How to Put on An Armbinder
Armbinders are restraint devices that completely encircle the arms at the elbows. They are popular in BDSM and fetish play because they deliver the feeling of complete helplessness you can both enjoy! Looking fantastic and going on in a snap, you can slip a gag into your lover's mouth to level up your kink. Make them tight, you know your slave needs to be kept strictly under control!
The Beauty of Armbinders
Bondage can be an incredibly liberating experience, but only if you know how to do it properly. In my experience, one of the most beautiful ways to have a bondage session is with armbinders. In fact, there are several benefits to using armbinders as opposed to other types of bondage equipment. If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of these great devices, keep reading!
Armbinder Bondage 101
What is an armbinder? Well, to put it simply; think of it as a medieval torture device. The armbinder immobilizes the arms and forces them behind the back. It's used for BDSM play by restraining the submissive in a way that will allow him or her to be more vulnerable than usual.
Armbinder Bondage BDSM - Feeling of Complete Helplessness
If you’re looking to enjoy the feeling of complete helplessness, the armbinder bondage sleeves from Sub-Shop.com will deliver! These armbinder bondage gear items combine sexy night time helplessness with your partner.
A Beginner's Guide to Armbinders
Armbinders are not just any ordinary BDSM toy, they’re some of the most versatile bondage gear you can own! Learn how to use them and what makes them so effective in this beginner’s guide to armbinders. With just a couple of armbinders and cuffs, you can take your kinky play from vanilla bondage to an entirely new level of intensity! Enjoy the look on your partner’s face when they realize that escape is impossible!
What Can You Combine an Armbinder With?
If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, you most likely heard and even tried armbinders during your sexual encounters. Armbinders are meant to be a sexually accessory for the submissive lover and it increases their humbleness in font of their dominant or their mistress as well as offering a visual stimulation to both partners involved in the sexual act.
The Best Sex Toys to Use with Armbinders
If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, you most likely have heard of armbinders already. They are used in a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies and they can be combined with many other sex toys and accessories.

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