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The Best Sex Toys to Use with Armbinders

If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, you most likely have heard of armbinders already. They are used in a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies and they can be combined with many other sex toys and accessories. Not to mention that you can choose from plenty of models of armbinders that are available on the market. If you are a beginner when it comes to using ambinders, you might need to understand how these accessories work and why should you add them to you sex life. And your lover will thank you for it! So, here is everything you need to know about armbinders and how to combine them with other sex toys to reach that intense orgasm that you always dreamed to have.

Use armbinders when you want to add more dominance to the sex scene

A pair of armbinders will work miracles when you want to dominate your lover even more. While your lover is wearing the armbinders, they will not be able to move their arms which exposes their body to be controlled just the way you want to. This is also the reason why most dominants are fans of using such sexual accessories on their slaves. You can choose from all kinds of armbinders with different patterns and made of different materials. But whatever you go for, you should make sure that your lover is feeling comfortable wearing them because that is the most important criteria.

Ambinders can also offer the dominant of the relationship a visual stimulation. As soon as you see your lover wearing such a sexy outfit, you will want to have intercourse with them or any other form of sex scene that will turn both of you on and bring you the satisfaction you were looking for.

Armbinders and nipple clamps go great together

You most likely imagined that, while you love is wearing armbinders, you can add any type of toys that stimulates their breasts and genitalia. These are the body pats that would be most exposed. So, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nipple clamps, especially if your slave is a woman. Such sex toys will keep them excited for the entire sex scene and you will be extremely turned on as well. As a matter of fact every couple should have some nipple clamps in their sexual arsenal collection. Just like every couple should have some armbinders handy for when they want some extra domination.

Try impact play while your submissive lover is wearing ambinders

Another category of sex toys that will go perfectly with armbinders is the impact play one. In this category are paddles, floggers and whips and impact play is one of the most popular practices among BDSM couples and enthusiasts. Use your creativity and see how you can have an even more intense session of impact play by using armbinders and different sex toys that will help you discipline your slave. And while you give your partner a well deserved session of spanking with your favourite paddle, you can also have them wear some nipple clamps to make everything more intense. You might just find that such an impact play scene can lead both of you to an intense orgasm without any need of having intercourse. Many people make the mistake to consider impact play as a form of foreplay but if it is done right, it cam be an amazing sex scene by itself.

Add some dildos or other sexual stimulating toys to your armbinder scene

Another great type of sex toys to try when your lover is wearing armbinders are dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and any other similar ones. These toys will add the right stimulation to your sexual encounter and both you and your lover will enjoy them even more when armbinders are involved. Imagine your submissive partner wearing their armbinders while you stimulate them with a dildo or an anal plug. What can be sexier than this? And you can try out a wide variety of sex scenes with such combinations so don’t be afraid to express your sexuality just the way you want to!

As you can see, armbinders go along with many sex toys and accessories and usually it depends on the imagination of the people wearing them. If you free your mind, you will be able to discover new way to reach intense orgasms and become as sexually satisfied as you want to be. Plus, your lover will be more than happy to join you in this journey! Be ready to discover a new side of your sexuality and express it in any way you can along with your lover and your relationship will be much better. Plus, you will gain more trust in each other the more you experience together!

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