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Flirting 101: How to Bring Your A-Game Flirting Skills on a Date

Okay, so the first step is done, you have gained the attention of the guy you like. But now, how do you proceed? Well, the first thing you need to do is to exhibit your personality and flirt some more. The best way to do this is by initiating the talk, have an open conversation with them about the things you have in common, the things you love, current events, etc.

A good way to get the conversation going is by asking a question. This is a good opportunity for you to start knowing him a bit more. Almost everyone enjoys talking about themselves, so you can be safe by asking him some questions first. You can ask him anything from “Have you seen any good movies lately?” to “How was your weekend?” and anything in between. The key to get him talking is to avoid questions that are answerable by yes or no. You want a conversation not a question and answer portion! Stay away from things like, “Did you go out this weekend?” Let him talk about something he loves or his passion because who doesn’t love talking about something they enjoy? Let him expound on the subjects that makes his eyes lit up. And, don’t forget to regularly use his name all throughout the conversation wink*

When you guys are talking, try to smile and laugh as often as you can; this will show him you enjoy talking to him. Looking through the eyes of the person you are talking to, smiling every once and then is always re assuring. Of course, make sure to laugh when he makes a joke. This doesn’t mean you will laugh every two minutes but do giggle when he meant something funny, or if he appears to be comical. Provide him some gratification every once in a while, wink*

A good way to be flirty with someone you like is to touch them subtly: find some small ways to touch him. Getting physical can help build some intimacy between the two of you. By touching him, you are indicating flirtation and that you are comfortable being with him. The easiest way to do this is by touching his forearm when you are talking or by touching his arm while you are laughing. You can also casually put a hand on his shoulder every now and then and ‘accidentally’ lean to him when you are walking side by side. If you are feeling bolder, you can brush your hand against his to see how he reacts.

Another good trick you can try is straightening up his collar or fixing his tie. Simply get close and face him, fix what you are going to fix, look him in the eyes and say something like “There you go!” or “Now it’s straightened!”, “That is better!”, etc.

Since men are visual beings by nature, you want to draw his attention to some of your body parts. You don’t need to dress in a short skirt and flaunt your shapely legs and well-rounded butt, you can flash him some pieces of flesh here and there. Absentmindedly rub your shoulders so he can see some skin, pull down the neckline of your clothes a little bit and stroke your skin gently. Who knows, he might massage that sore spot for you. You can also lick your lips when you are standing in front of him or put on some seductive colored lipstick when you are together. Or maybe, put up your hair in a ponytail so he can see your gorgeous neck. The important part here is to appear subtle and bold at the same time, so be creative.

Another good thing you can do is to compliment him on specific things. When he does something you like, go ahead and tell him exactly what you appreciate about it, commend his efforts. You can also compliment his abilities in sports, any instrument he plays, his eye color, some specific things that he did worked hard for. Spill the beans to let him know whatever you like about him, keep his ego boosted!

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