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3 Ways to Better Appreciate Your Body

Beauty magazines often promote perfection as the standard for how a person should look. However, it is not realistic. In fact, beauty comes in different shapes, looks and curves. Hence, a person can be beautiful in their own way. Yet expressing beauty is another matter altogether. While it might come to some naturally, many often find it hard to do so because they have not learned how to appreciate and value their body. As a result, they lack the confidence to share their sexiness with someone else. But, if you cannot appreciate yourself, then how can you expect others to recognize your value? Here are some pointers to help you understand at the same time cherish your body and its overall appearance!

1. Masturbate in front of the mirror

Give yourself pleasure by indulging in long sessions of masturbation. Doing so can improve your sexuality and give you unforgettable experiences. You can make it even more enjoyable by doing it in front of a mirror. This way you see your body and become aware of all your physical qualities. You learn to appreciate every curve. Try to focus on what you like best about yourself. Notice how soft your skin is and appreciate your skin tone. Check out the ‘naughty’ look in your eyes and the sexual energy radiating from the curves of your body. You can do all this while using your favorite dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps or any other sex toy you prefer. You will achieve an intense orgasm plus a higher level of self-esteem and confidence in the end. Now, imagine how you can share this quality with your partner in a sexual encounter. Indeed, such personal experiences will help you appreciate your body during your sexual encounters with your partner.

2. Wear sexy outfits

The way you look is just as important as how you feel. This is why you should pay attention to your outfits. Wear items to complement your body shape at the same time call attention to the curvaceous parts of your body. The purpose of a sexy outfit is to tease others with a hint of your intimate areas. The variety of lingerie items the market offers to date comes in all sizes. So, don’t worry if you do not have a model type figure. Sexy accessories help to complete your appearance like high heeled, sleek shoes or even ballet style boots. Some of the most popular materials for outfits are latex and leather as they create a more defined silhouette of the body. As a guide when choosing outfits, consider looking at models with a similar physique and complexion as yours. It allows you to have a better idea of how the outfit might look on you. But remember attitude is what really sets the mood, so don’t be afraid to go all out in your sexy outfit!

3. Try new fetishes and fantasies

Developing your sex life can help you learn how to appreciate your body more. A good way to enjoy your sexuality and discover new levels of pleasure and satisfaction is by indulging in new fetishes and fantasies. In doing so, you will understand and see your body in a whole new light. Don’t be afraid to try exciting bondage scenes while doing different types of roleplay as it brings you and your partner a lot of satisfaction. Reaching intense orgasms in a variety of ways will spice up your sex life. Moreover, help you feel more confident in your own skin. Talk with your partner to find out their own fantasies. You can work together to fulfill these and as a reward develop a long term, happy and healthy relationship with them.

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