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Naughty Girl's Guide to Flirting and Teasing (If You Want to Turn Him On)

Sometimes it can be really good to ask a guy you like some naughty questions. You can ask him a few mischievous questions to get him all hot and bothered because hey, who doesn’t like to talk dirty? You want to do this either in person or through text although most of the time you will probably want to do this via text flirting…; regardless, the end result is always you seducing him wink*

The idea is to move slowly, you don’t want to press him with naughtier questions within the first five minutes; you want to build up to this. Besides, the longer this game goes you can be sure his responses will get bolder by the minute. Keep in mind you want him to focus on you because this is all about you being incredibly sexy and flirty…you want to reap the benefits of this little game! The goal is to turn him on simply by asking him some questions, so you had better be up for the challenge wink*

You can begin by asking ‘Do you like talking naughty?’ This is a good start to the conversation. You will be able to gauge their reaction and see if they are game for this. Remember, everyone has different comfort levels. Moreover, it is best to do this one evening where you are both free because if you are busy then what is the point?

You also want to be subtle at first and build up to dirtier things. Consider this like getting into the water. You want to dip your toes before you go all in. This way you don’t even realize when you got into the cold water…a big metaphor, but you get my point. The idea is to get him right where you want him before he even realizes how he got there in the first place.

For those moments where you simply want to test the waters besides getting to know how adventurous they are willing to go, you can warm up along these lines: ‘Has anyone seen you naked on accident?’ Or ‘Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?’ If you feel like playing then go for: ‘What are you wearing?

If you want to be a tease then ask him ‘Hey, do you ever check me out when I am walking away?’ This will put him right on the spot plus it is super flirty. Just as well, you can say ‘Do you think I would be a really good kisser? Because I totally am…and if you are feeling bold, throw in a little ‘In case you want to find out’ wink*

You can get to know him more at the same time you are being super flirty. Ask him something such as ‘What is the outfit on a girl turns you on the most?’ and ‘What do you think would look the sexiest on me?’ Along same line, you can follow up with: ‘Would you like to help me choose said outfit? If you think it is too much then continue asking him more about his preferences, things like ‘What is your favorite part of the female body?’, ‘What do you think is the perfect foreplay?’ and ‘What is your favorite sexual fantasy?’ All of these will get him all hot and bothered wink*

After all your sexy chat, you can move on to bigger things and see where it leads the two of you. The cherry on your sexual sundae is simply asking (assuming this is by phone) ‘Have you ever texted someone a sexy picture of yourself?’ followed by ‘Have you ever felt horny while texting someone’ then finishing with ‘If we were together right now, what do you think we would do?’ Depending on their response, hopefully you have a positive one- you can end with ‘Well, how long will it take you to get to my place?’ wink*

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