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Ways to approach a girl that won’t make her feel uncomfortable

Generally, men are constantly trying to meet new women; the street or a party could be a great place to meet someone and ask for a date. But when men are approaching women, there could be a very fine line between what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy. So what are the things you should avoid if you want to be a respectful man?

Probably the number one thing that makes women super uncomfortable is when men catcall them. No woman has ever enjoyed a stranger calling telling her something; this has never lead to a date. It doesn’t matter if you think it is a compliment, this simply doesn’t work. Be a good guy and don’t catcall, women around the world will thank you.

Something else women don’t really like is when men assume or make any weird comments about their nationality or ethnicity. These are definitely unwelcomed advances because it is disrespectful; think about it, you wouldn’t want a woman coming up to you and saying ‘oh so you are from? You must have big cock then’ or something along those lines. What you can do is to ask them where are they from or ask them to tell you more about that place and how they came to be where they are now.

Getting to know a woman is great and she will probably be flattered by it. But there is also a line between creepy stalking a welcomed advances. For instance, don’t immediately start follow them on every social media they have right away when you have met; this could definitely make them think you are creeping in them.

This also includes physical contact. Imagine going on a coffee date with a woman and just when you are saying goodbye and leaning in for a hug, they are offering their hand for a handshake. Physical contact can be quite tricky to figure out, but in most cases the safest option is to wait until she initiates that contact.

And since we are talking about bodies, don’t ever look at a woman’s chest. This is simply rude; you may believe you are doing it very discreetly but every woman can tell when you are looking at her boobs. It doesn’t matter if she is showing some cleavage; this is not giving you permission to look at it.

Let’s say you see a woman on the subway, bus or street and want to approach them…but then you realize she is wearing headphones. When someone has headphones on they are usually avoiding contact with the outside world, so to put it simply: she doesn’t want to talk to you. If you want to approach them you can try, but chances are she won’t be interested. If you start talking to them and she puts her headphones on again or gives you one-word answers, don’t push and leave them alone.

When it comes to sex itself, about 99.9% of women get annoyed when men don’t know their way around a woman’s body. Most women cannot understand men not knowing where the clitoris is located or how to stimulate it in the right way.

And the other way around is true: men who don’t know how to rub it the right way. Women understand your eagerness and that is lovely, but approach it with care. Few things are as off putting as a guy furiously rubbing the clitoris without any care or consideration.

These kinds of things are not that hard to figure out. And the good news is, if you are a bit confused, the Internet can provide a good guide for you to learn the basics about woman’s pleasure (everyone is different, but some things are universal). Simply put: women are expecting for you to help them get an orgasm.

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