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The Best Tips to Make Him Like You

I think we can all agree, it is really nice when the guy you like likes you back. The problem is most of the time you don’t know what to say when you have to talk with a cute man. The good news is you can learn how to be better at it and besides conversation is not all there is to making a guy like you. So when you see someone you like, be sure to take into account these helpful tips.

Conversation is important, but you also need to smile very often. Make sure you giggle at his jokes and funny comments and keep a smile on your lips and spark in your eyes. Remember those kind of things are very easy to translate and communicate, so be genuine and they will feel those vibrations too. If you are happy, the guy will know you are happy and will be happier as a result.

Something else men tend to love is women who show a lot of grace…and women who are coy as well. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to be a really shy girl. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to express your cute manners and expressions. For instance, bat your eyelashes and twiddle your hair when you are thinking….guys love this kind of thing wink*

You should also be a bit mischievous sometimes. Try to lighten up the mood when you can, tease him, make funny comments. Show him you are coy, but you can also be very naughty.

You should always try to be polite. No one likes to be around rude people and this not an exception. Be nice to the people around you, not just him. Think about it, if you went out with a guy and he treated you really nice but treated the waiter and everyone around like trash, would you go out with him a second time? Be a genuine person and your good nature will shine through.

Touch is a very flirty move and it works wonders every now and then. Even if you think it doesn’t do much, men are subconsciously more attracted to women who touch them when they are talking. You don’t need to be very obvious about this either, you only need to touch his forearm when you ask him a question, or put your hand on his shoulder every once in a while. Try to make as many casual and light touches as you can, without going over board, of course.

Along the same line of thought, make sure to increase his primal male instinct. When crossing the street together, hold his arm or if you are feeling scared, hold his hand. Lean on him when you adjust your heel…those little things will make him feel is protecting you.

A bit of mystery tends to work wonders as well. You don’t need to have a black veil and dress all in black, but you can take some cues in this department. Don’t tell him everything going on in your mind. If you smile at something and he asks you what you were thinking about, tell him it was nothing important, etc. Keep an air of mystery about yourself to keep him guessing *wink*

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