Hot Toys to Enjoy the Best Mummification Fantasy of Your Life

If you tried mummification for a while or if you are a beginner in this BDSM realm, you should know that there are special sex toys that go perfectly with such a fantasy. Ultimately, you should use your imagination to bring your fantasy as close to reality as possible. But if you don’t feel very creative or if you are not so experienced in these types of sex games, you should consider trying the following basic toys and accessories that can only improve a mummification sexual encounter. So here are the best items that you should include in your sexual arsenal when you and your lover are planning to enjoy a hot mummification scene! And remember to ask your lover in order to see if they have a certain preference when it comes to sex toy that they want to try or explore further!

1. A mouth gag

Mouth gags go perfectly in a wide variety of sex scenes. But somehow they seem even better for a mummification scene. Think of the fact that your submissive lover is completely mummified but they still have their mouth free to voice their opinion. Democracy is not the best thing to allow in such a scene which is why blocking the mouth with a sexy gag might turn everything into a new level of excitement. You can choose from a wide range of mouth gags, that come in different colors and are made of different material with leather straps or vegan straps, according to your preferences. And such mouth gags can go very well for special fetishes such as medical play, if you want to combine such a fantasy with a mummification scene. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can incorporate a mouth gag to a sexual encounter in which the submissive partner is mummified.

2. A paddle

Paddles, floggers and whips are great for those BDSM enthusiasts who are into different forms of impact play. You might think that if your partner is wrapped in tape or any other material used for mummification, you can’t enjoy a nice spanking session. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can very well discipline your mummified slave by using a good paddle to spank them properly because the impact will be still very hot and intense. And there’s nothing better than some action added to the mummification scene that will spice things up even more. The responsible for such an action will be the dominant partner since the submissive one is mummified and restrained, which makes it even hotter!

3. Dildos or orgasm belts

How to use a classic dildo or a hot orgasm belt during a mummification scene? The simple way to do that is to not mummify your partner completely. Leave certain parts of their body exposed so you can sexually stimulate them. And the best way to do that is by leaving their genitals free so you can use the orgasm belt and give them one orgasm after another. It will be that much hotter since they are not able to move their body at all and all they can do is receive your sexual stimulation without any complains. If they are wearing a mouth gag too, their pleasure is totally in your hands. Enjoy yourself while you experience the extreme control you have over their body but also make sure that they are reaching the sexual pleasure that they deserve as well. And always make sure that everything you do during such a sex scene is safe and kept under control. A discussion with your submissive partner before the scene starts will help both of you establish the right coordinates of such a complex experience.

As you can see, mummification fetishes open the doors to many other fetishes and fantasies. You need to use your imagination and make the most out of such a sexual encounter in order to help both of you grow sexually through such an experience. If one of you is not feeling comfortable during such a sex scene, it is very important to have the ability and the chance to express that. This can be done by establishing a safe word or a safe action or sign when the circumstances become unpleasant for one of you. And this is especially important for the partner who is going to be mummified since their way to express themselves would be limited by the situation. And keep in mind that you can add as many sex toys and accessories as you want and find fit for such a situation. The important thing is that both of you enjoy the sex scene and discover new sides of their sexuality through such an experience.

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