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The Charm of Being Mummified during a Sex Scene

If you never tried mummification or if you are fairly new at this type of fetish, you might wonder what is the beauty of being mummified and why so many couples are eager to try out this fetish in the past years. First of all, if you are into mummification, you most likely are attracted to other BDSM fetishes, which can only work in your favour. But for beginners, it might be hard to identify how they can develop their sexuality through such a complex process. Which is why we introduce you to three important aspects that you should get familiar with when you want to enjoy an intense mummification sex scene along with your partner! Here are the main advantages of this fetish and how to make the most out of them!

1. The process of being mummified is loaded with sexuality

Your dominant partner will mummify you using certain wrapping materials or a body bag. For this process they can also use tape, rope, or special material intended for mummification purposes only. And the process of mummification is extremely sexual because your mistress or master will run their hands all over your body and they will make sure that the wrapping material is tight enough to restrain you but lose enough to not put your health in any danger. They might also stimulate parts of your body as they are completing this process and use a certain level of dirty talk in order to get both of you excited and ready for more sexual action. Enjoy everything that your dominant does to you and embrace the stimulating gestures they perform in order to offer both of you pleasure. Your reaction can have a great impact for the success of your sex scene. This is why it is important to release your inhibitions and set your sexual energy free!

2. You are feeling vulnerable

Once you are mummified just the way your master or mistress wants you to be, you will experience a feeling of weakness and vulnerability. As a submissive partner, you will feel extremely turned on by this feeling of weakness in front of your dominant and you will also feel an intense sexual satisfaction that grows along with your dominant’s pleasure. Because mummification offers you the chance to give up all control over your body and rely completely on your partner. You will not be able to move and therefore you will not be able to control the sexual stimulation that is applied on your erogenous zones. Some dominants might decide to leave parts of your body exposed in order to stimulate them with certain sex toys such as orgasm belts or vibrators and nipple clamps. Others will prefer you to be completely mummified and wearing a mouth gag as well so that on top of the fact that you will not be able to move your body, you will not be able to have a voice. This can be extremely exciting as you will feel objectified in a very hot way!

3. Your lover controls you completely

As a submissive partner, you will be completely controlled by your master or mistress. And you should enjoy this control if you are getting involved as a submissive in a mummification scene. If one of you and your lover doesn’t enjoy what is going on during a mummification scene, you should most likely not try it again. But if it is performed the right way, such a scene could open new doors to more intense fetishes for both of you. It can be very exciting for a slave to be stimulated by their dominant until they reach one orgasm after another. They will use the toys thy want and the sexual activities that they want in order to get you as excited as they want you to be. And even your orgasm will be at your partner’s mercy. But once you are allowed to reach that intense orgasm, you will definitely want to try it again. This will make mummification your most favourite fantasy and one that can offer you the sexual pleasure you always craved for!

You should definitely give mummification a fair try and see how far it can take you and your lover. Besides the sexual pleasure that both of you will experience, this type of fetish will also improve the level of trust between you and your lover. You will learn to appreciate each other’s sexuality and you will break the sexual routine that was taking a toll on your intimate life. Not to mention that you can combine mummification with plenty of other fetishes and enjoy unique sex scenes every time you step inside your bedroom! So allow yourself to be charmed by the excitement of mummification!

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