What Types of Orgasm Will You Achieve During Mummification

If you are temped to try mummification, be ready to enjoy many types of orgasms that will make both you and your lover lose your mind. Mummification allows many opportunities to express your sexuality and discover new sides of your fantasies every time you get in the bedroom. And there are several orgasms that you can achieve during an intense mummification scene. If you are a beginner at this type of fetish, chances are that you are not sure yet how you can reach an orgasm and what type of orgasm you can experience. But here is a top three of the orgasms that you can expect and how you can reach them in the most intense way!

1. Multiple orgasm

Having multiple orgasms can only be in your advantage so if you can go for such an experience, don’t hesitate. This is easier to do if the submissive partner is mummified in such a way that their genitals are exposed in order to be explored and stimulated. Some masters and mistresses like to use orgasm belts to lead their slaves to one orgasm after another. But you can try dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and any other similar toys that you know will drive your partner crazy as soon as you start using them on their excited body. If the submissive one is a girl, exposing their breasts is always a good idea as you can use a pair of nipple clamps and make the most out of it. There are women that will experience an intense orgasm just from nipple stimulation so don’t underestimate this strategy when you want to turn your slave on and see them reach incredible levels of sexual pleasure under your guidance!

2. Impact play orgasm

If you are a BDSM enthusiast, chances are that you like a hot session of impact play. And mummification can be the perfect background for it. All you have to do is restrain your submissive partner in any way you want by wrapping their body as you please and use your favourite impact play toy. Here, you can use a paddle, flogger, whip and there are plenty of models to satisfy you during such a sex scene. Choose a sex toy that will go perfectly with your outfit as a dominant or that will match the color and the material of the wrapping that you use to restrain your slave. This will give you an interesting type of visual stimulation that will not only lead you to an incredible orgasm that doesn’t require intercourse but it will make you crave for more similar scenes as well. And don’t worry about your slave because they will definitely reach the intense sexual pleasure that they are aiming for every time you spank or whip them how you know best. You can add some dirty talk to spice things up as well and use your imagination to create an entire foreplay starting with this sex scene!

3. Sensory orgasm

The sensory orgasm implies no sexual stimulation, at least not the one that you would think about the first time you hear the word orgasm. A sensory orgasm needs a lot of imagination and verbal stimulation. First of all, being mummified should be extremely hot for the submissive partner who will feel very vulnerable and exposed at the same time. They will feel like a sex toy for their master or mistress and for many slaves this is a great way to reach an orgasm even without any other toys or stimulation. Similarly, for the master or mistress is a real turn on top know that their slave is restrained and right there at their disposal. This offers the dominant a very exciting feeling of power that will give them a very intense sensory orgasm without actually having any type of intercourse. The secret of reaching sexual pleasure when you are a dominant is similar to the secret of reaching control over your slave. And the key is to have a slave that is giving you all the control and power that you need willingly and in a sexy and obedient way. And for such exchanges of power and sexuality, mummification is the perfect fetish to get into! So, if you never had a sensory orgasm yet, you are definitely missing out. This will increase the bonding that you have with your partner and it will stimulate both of you to try out even more intense fantasies and sex games together!

Use your fantasies to give yourself the orgasm of your dreams in the most exciting ways while you enjoy a hot mummification session. And the most important aspect that you should consider is to not set up limits that your body doesn’t need!

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