What to Wear for a Mummification Sexual Encounter

So, you want to enjoy a mummification scene along with your lover but how to get ready for it? And more important, what to wear for such an intimate event? While there is no general recipe when it comes to what you should wear for a mummification scene, there are still certain guidance aspects that you could take into account. Here are some great outfit pieces that you could wear when you want to tackle the mummification fetish along with your partner!

1. Wear as little lingerie pieces as possible

In other words, when you get ready for a mummification sex scene, you should consider being almost naked. This is a very hot way to get things started but also a very practical way. You will be wrapped in a certain material or with a body bag and you don’t want to have any lingerie on you underneath the mummification wrapping. Or, if you insist to wear some lingerie, settle for a tiny pair of panties and maybe a bra, even if the bra could easily be forgotten. Expose your beautiful body with confidence and allow your lover to explore it just the way they want to. Being mummified can be extremely hot and intense which is why it might become your favourite fetish for a long time. Keep your mind open for a variety of sensations and activities that you might experience during a mummification scene. And being almost naked could only work in your favour for such a sexual encounter! It will also allow your partner to use their imagination and wrap your beautiful body just the way they want to in order to offer both of you an intense level of pleasure.

2. Add certain accessories that will spice things up even more

Also, in terms of what you could wear during a mummification scene, accessories can play an important part. And when it comes to accessories, the sky is the limit to what you can do to make things even more interesting. Use a collar to express your obedience toward your master or mistress. This will offer them the visual stimulation that will turn them on instantly when they lay their eyes on you. If you have a special fantasy in mind, wear a roleplay accent accessory such as a maid tiara is you are into this type of sex game. Or maybe a medical mouth gag that will make things even more exciting for both you and your lover. This will not only spice the entire sex scene but it will stimulate your lover’s imagination in a way that will be for both your benefit! You can incorporate almost any type of roleplay into a mummification scene, with minimal alterations and adjustments.

3. If you are a dominant, wear a hot leather outfit

So far, we discussed the wardrobe options for a submissive partner but the way the dominant one looks like is equally important. If you are a dominant partner, use accents that will underline this quality of yours. A leather outfit can successfully send the right message to your submissive lover. It expresses power and control and you will both enjoy this kind of message. If you are a vegan, there are plenty of vegan outfits and accessories to use during such a scene that look just like the leather ones. You can also add a hot paddle to express the desire to discipline your slave. With a leather outfit and a fancy paddle to go along with it, your submissive partner will be pleased to give you complete control over their body and sexuality and together you will discover new and intense ways to explore your intimate life. New limits can be reached if the scene is set right and the way both of you look like has a big importance in the overall success of such a sexual encounter.

Your outfit and your lover’s outfit are important in any type of sex scene that you want to enjoy together. But during a mummification sexual encounter, you both need to think of the aesthetic aspect along with the functional one. For instance, looking hot is not everything that matters. Your outfits should transmit the right message for such a scene to be successful. And they also have to be comfortable for the mummification activities that you have planned. Have a discussion before such a scene starts in order to establish the details of the sexual encounter and discover what each one of you is interesting to experience by trying such a fetish. Such a conversation will help you put together the perfect mummification scene and also choose your outfit in the best way possible. And keep your mind open to experience such a fantasy as intense as possible!


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