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Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner’s Mummification Guide

In order to have an immersive and full experience with bondage, you can try mummification. This is not for the faint of heart; after all you will be completely immobile and restricted. Mummification can be quite an intense experience because you will be completely left out of the outside world, but if you feel you’d like to try it, go ahead! Wink*

In order to mummify your partner, you will need plastic wrap, duct tape, ace bandages, a towel, scissors and balls of cotton. It’s a good idea to gather all your equipment before starting so you don’t leave the work half-finished in order to get something you forgot. You know, like baking a cake and forgetting about taking out the eggs to be left at room temperature (I can’t be the only one, right?)

When you are ready, have your partner stand at the foot of the bed. They should be facing away with their hands behind their neck. Start by wrapping their legs and start to move up their body. When you get to the nipples, put some cotton between them at the wrap to create a little cushion. When you have gotten their armpits covered, lower their arms and cover them against their torso. For the head, you probably want to use a hood or at least cover the eyes with the ace bandage.

When you’re done, put the towel on the bed and stand behind your partner. Softly nudge them until they are lowered on the bed. This position will make it easier for you wrap them. You can cover their feet and the head a bit more comfortable this way. Just make sure the nose hole is wide enough for them to breathe normally and leave them breathing room. This is essential!

If you want to get creative, you can cut around the chest to free their nipples and play with them or put some nipple clamps. Or you can (Carefully) cut some space around the genital area to free it and play with it (it’s torture if you add a vibrator or a cock cage) When you are happy with the wrap, cover it with duct tape and your mummy will be done!

Just make sure to be aware of their breathing and vital signs. Don’t ever, ever and I mean ever leave them alone when they are mummified. And just be careful and monitor any changes. Have fun you crazy kids…

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