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What is Mummification and Why You Should Give It a Try

Mummification might not be the most popular sexual practice but it definitely is one of the most intense fetishes you can experience with your partner. It is the kind of fetish that is destined for advanced bondage enthusiasts. But there are forms of mummification even for beginners. But what is mummification and how can it bring you sexual satisfaction? This is a question that is frequently asked by beginners who want to tap into this exciting fetish.

Mummification is a sexual practice in which the submissive partner is restrained in different ways in order to lose control over their body in a physical manner. The submissive partner will be cocooned by using certain items such as specific bondage tape, body bags and even rope. It can also be a combination of such items, depending on the arsenal that you have accessible and the power of your imagination. The mummification process has to be done in such a way that the body is completely immobilized which is why certain experience is required in order for such a scene to be successful. For beginners, body bags might be a great way to start in this fetish as they are easier to use than other mummification techniques.

The tape of other material used to perform the mummification process could cover the entire body of the submissive or not. If it doesn’t cover the entire body, certain pieces of skin might be left exposed in order to be stimulated during the sexual encounter. This is why it is a good idea to discuss such details before the sex scene starts in order to make sure that both you and your lover are on the same page when deciding which parts of the body should be left uncovered for external stimulation.

Also, another very important aspect that needs to be established beforehand is the safe work. Make sure that both you and your partner have a safe word in place before you start your sexual encounter. This is extremely important especially for the submissive partner that will be mummified. They will most likely not be able to move their hands or leg which is why a safe word might be the only way they have to let you know that they don’t feel comfortable or that something is not working for them during the sex scene. If you are planning to add a mouth gag to the mummification scene, then the safe word becomes quite irrelevant and you should discuss other options o communicate effectively. Use your imagination in order to cover this aspect as a BDSM scene, just like any other sex scene should be safe, sane and consensual for all partners involved in it. Also, you and your partner will have to decide on the time frame that you will have them mummified for. This can range from several minutes to some hours. It depends on how much both of you enjoy mummification, what are the other activities that you plan to add to the scene and if your submissive lover is claustrophobic or not. Ask them if they are allergic to certain materials as well because they might develop certain skin irritations if you wrap them up in a material that will not make their skin react well.

As hot as this fetish might be, you need to make sure that it is safe before anything else. This is why supervising your slave’s circulation is essential during this sex scene. If you feel like it is needed, massage their skin through the wrapping material just to make sure that the blood is flowing healthy and natural. Be ready for your slave to sweat a lot during a mummification scene and have a towel ready for the time when everything comes to an end.

If all these safety aspects are met, all you have left to do is enjoy such an intense sexual encounter. You can dirty talk to your partner as they are mummified and vulnerable in front of you. You can also sexually stimulate them just the way you want to and enjoy the multiple orgasms that they will experience. And , if you leave unwrapped their genital parts, you can even have some intense intercourse during such a fetish. Be ready to make mummification one of your favourite fantasies for a long time because it is hard to get bored during such an intense sexual encounter. Plus, this scene offers you multiple occasions to discover new ways of enjoying your sexuality and exploring your lover’s body and sexual potential as well. And keep an open mind so you can be able to enjoy such an event to its highest standards. No need to limit yourself, especially when you enjoy a hot mummification scene!

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