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Spring Cleaning – Ways to Clean and Organize Your Sex Toys

Who would have thought that collecting sex toys is as fun (or even more) as garnering jewelry? I mean, having just one dildo is not enough especially if you want a rough night. You also need a blindfold, a set of leashes and cuffs, paddles and floggers, and the list goes on.

Now the not-so-fun part – spring cleaning! This means cleaning your sex toys to make them look like you just got them from that sexy mailman(oh, those days) and organizing because you know you cannot just place your vibrator anywhere unless you want a child, your pet, or heaven forbid your IN-LAWS or PARENTS play with it?

Nothing’s exciting about these two but for your vagina and penis’ sake, do not be too lazy about this especially with the cleaning part, unless you want to end up with a real’ bad infection or even STD. As much as I want to stress out the importance of sprucing up those before you get down and dirty in the bedroom again, I think it’s better if we start with the tips, shall we?

Below are the easiest and effective ways on how to spring clean your sex toys:

First thing first, check the label

    The cleaning method depends on the materials used for the sex toy so be sure to check the label first. In case it’s gone (because of you, you naughty little one!), you can look for it on its website.

    • If it isn’t motorized and is made of metal, wood, or glass, you can submerge it in water and gentle soap mixture and wipe it dry. You can also put it in boiling water for roughly 10 minutes.
    • If it’s made of glass, you can even place it straight to the dishwater you lazy, sexy one!
    • If it’s motorized and made of metal, glass, wood, or silicone, you can wet a paper towel with gentle soap and water and wash it thoroughly. Do not ever try to submerge it or else, your buzzy BFFF’s motor might not buzz anymore.
    • If your trusty ol’ buddy is made of jelly, plastic, or porous materials, you can submerge it in warm water and gentle soap but then again, make sure that it’s NOT MOTORIZED. Otherwise, use a tissue and soap and water mixture again. The thing is, you have to soap and rinse it thoroughly to make sure that every nook and cranny is clean.
    • Once everything is cleaned up, dry it off using a clean cloth towel or a paper towel and store it in a cool, dry place away from the sun.

    Now, organize!

      Organizing your dildos, clit vibes, nipple stimulator, and a lot more is as critical as cleaning. If you’re craving for a specific type of sex toys or pulse, you don’t have to toss everything down to the floor anymore.

      • Before organizing your toy, go through anything that you can no longer play with. This means old and worn out. If you’re receiving sex toys from different companies to review (you lucky sex machine!), find out which ones can stay and which ones to let go. It’s hard but it will pay off easily. At least, it will make way for new adult toys because we know, you’re not planning to stop buying new ones, don’t you?
      • Use a small clear packing cube to store batteries so that in case of emergencies, you can see it easily; large packing cube for chargers and plugs.
      • If you want your dirty little secret to yourself, you can place your vibrators and dildos inside a dresser drawer. Use a divider to keep it more organized.
      • If you’re loud and proud of your sex toy collection, you can place it on a shelf vertically just like how you place books in it. You can line them in a row if you wish or in a zigzag for visibility.
      • Group sex toys according to their color, type, brand, power, or squishiness – it’s basically your call.
      • When placing them inside a box or a wicker basket, put a label, such as “sex stuff”, if you don’t want any nosy people to get near it.
      • Use a jar as storage for tinier trinkets, like anal condoms, tiny clit stuff, etc. You don’t wanna lose these smaller things or step on it, don’t you?

      Collecting sex toys is fun. Using it alone or with a lover for more pleasure and orgasm is fun. Spring cleaning it is not only attractive to look at but also it keeps your adult toys easy to find and healthy to use. Happy cleaning!

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