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Ultimate Guide to Using Ben Wa Balls for Women

Ok, so now that you’re all excited to try Ben Wa Balls, you are probably wondering how to put them on. It’s actually extremely easy, and although there can be some variations depending on the type of balls you have (no pun intended wink*), the process is the same. Keep in mind, glass and metal balls can be a bit more difficult to hold on to, so if you haven’t done any Kegel exercises before or want to be on the safe side, it’s better to try some made out of plastic or silicone the first few times

When you are ready to use them, remember to wash them with warm water and soap before you insert them. If they are attached, detach them and clean them thoroughly. So, now:

  • The first thing you must do is to freely lubricate the balls. As you can imagine, this will make putting them on easier. Just be careful not to overdo it because they will also glide out easier if they are too lubricated.
  • Usually the most comfortable position to do this is on your back. Lie down, relax and insert the ball or balls inside the vagina. Don’t forget to relax!
  • Hold them inside you by constricting your leg muscles together and trying some Kegel exercises.
  • When you’re confident they are in, you can sit and try to move around normally. When you have more experience with them, you will probably be able to put them on without lying down and will be able to move around more freely.
  • Some women like to wear them in public. Now, by all means you can do this, but make sure you are extremely comfortable with them before going out. And that is a good thing, more time to practice around the house wink*.
  • If you can’t take them out, don’t panic. Keep in mind they won’t get lost down there, so relax, add more lube and try squatting down or move around. They will come out eventually, be patient.
  • When you’re done, remember to clean them thoroughly before storing them. Hygiene first!

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