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Best Sex Toys to Get It On With

Every day we say our prayers thanking the god of sex toys out there. They are not only a great addition to any couples sex life; they are also great to be used on their own… solo style.

Much like BDSM, sex positions, sexual activities, and ice cream, there is one for each and every taste out there. You just got to look and find the one that works great for you. Toys can come in many different shapes and sizes; there are plenty of activities where you can use them in.

It will all depend whether you’re looking for something a bit more aggressive, or maybe something a bit less… intrusive to put it in a way, in order to ease your way into fantastic world of sex toys.

For instance, do you know there is an oral sex vibrator? Yes you’ve heard that right: an oral sex vibrator. They are little vibrators with a “tongue” specially designed to bring you over the edge simulating oral sex…only focused on the best part of your sensitive regions: the clitoris. Said tongue wiggles and vibrates, just like a partner would…or something like that, because partner’s don’t have vibrating tongues (if yours has one, please let me know because that is something I would love to hear more about wink*)

These vibrators work amazingly well on their own, for some solo “me” time, or you can try using them in front of your partner. I’m sure he or she will love to see you loose control oh so easy because trust me, they are good.

If you are in the mood for something a bit adventurous and unexpected, wax play is an excellent choice. Temperature play is something very sensual, and what better way to induce your way over than with some fun wax candles? You just melt them all over your partner’s body and watch them react to the sensations. Bonus point if you add a blindfold because the whole experience will be even more intense. If you want to go all out, you can even give them a massage; candles work great if you combine them with some sensual touches. They will definitely be thankful afterwards…so maybe they can re pay the favor back to you? Wink*

On the other hand, another great option is a vibrator for couples. They come in different models, but a good one to start with is something that is remote controlled. They can make dinner dates a million times more exciting…or maybe spice up a boring meeting? All depends on how adventurous you want to go with them.

They work by being put on the woman during sex or like I said, any particular event you feel so inclined to sex up wink* The cool thing about them is their shape really leaves space for penetration, so if you want to combine it with your partner’s abilities, it will work just as good…Maybe even better?

If your thing is anal play and you either love it or have always wanted to try it, plugs are a must have. You can find them in glass (they are a good choice because they work with any kind of lube) or made out of silicone or other materials. As you become more experienced, you can always try different textures, sizes and models. It’s quite an adventure.

The most important thing here is to be careful and always get the smallest size available; remember the golden rule: you can always go bigger but you can’t go smaller if that one in particular doesn’t work. There is no shame in getting a smaller toy; besides, it will save you the trauma of getting an anal plug that is way too big for you. Because yes, it can be quite a traumatic experience if the toy is not right for you. Bottom line is: go with the small plug and have fun.

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