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The Complete Guide to Caning Your Sub

Using a cane can be something very rewarding. And yes, rewarding for both the person handling the cane and the person receiving the hits. But the person administering the caning has to know what they are doing in order to have a satisfactory experience, of course. But it’s not too hard, I promise.

The strokes and the caning depend a lot on the technique. And the technique is all about the wrist. When the cane makes contact with the skin, don’t lift it up right away. Let your partner revel on the experience; it takes up to 7 seconds in order for the body to absorb the whole stroke, so give it time. There’s no rush!

Another cool thing you can do is to let the cane “bounce” and not just “dig in”. Afterwards, you can administer another quick stroke. Later, you can go back into the same slow and regular rhythm you had going on before. Keep a close watch on your partner and see if they enjoyed it, wink*.

The safer places you can administer a caning are: the buttocks (bellow the tail bone), upper back and the inside, front and back of the thighs. If you have a light cane, you can also do some strokes on the genitals like the clitoris, the penis, balls and labia; with a light cane you can also use a cane on the soles of the feet and abdomen.

So, what places should you avoid? The spine, for instance. The back is a sensitive area, so you should focus on the upper back to be on the safe side. The breasts, abdomen and feet are not meant to be canned either, so those waters shouldn’t be tested. You can create serious injuries if you use a cane on those parts of the body; it’s not a game!

Keep in mind, the thicker your cane, the more damage can produce because it can penetrate more tissue and create more damage. Smaller canes administered with light strokes don’t penetrate that deep on the skin tissues, so you can maybe play a bit more on the forbidden areas. But once again, the strokes have to be very light and soft, with a very light cane and an expert hand, of course.

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