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Be Safe Before, During, & After Spanking Play

Before you go all out and start to spank at your liking, you should know your partner will probably get bruises or red skin or marks, depending on what you use. When you are done, make sure to cover the area with an ice pack for about 30 minutes so the swelling and pain can reduce. Arnica or aloe gels or lotions tend to be fantastic for the skin to heal, so use them if you are sore or have irritated skin. Having said its completely normal to have bruises afterwards, it’s not normal to have them after four weeks, so if your bruises have not disappeared, make sure to schedule a doctor’s appointment. You never know if there can be some muscle damage or another severe injury. Keep in mind too many hits in the same place are painful so try to change and alternate your target as much as you can.

If you are using a long range tool like a cane, the skin can easily break. This is extremely important if you’re playing with different people because, as you know, several diseases can be transmitted by blood. So make sure to use toys made out of a non-porous material and clean and disinfect each and every one of them before you use them.

As a precaution, you should have a first aid kit ready when you’re playing (it should include gloves and alcohol or hydrogen peroxide) in case something goes wrong you can take care of it immediately. And speaking of stopping, if there’s a cut, you should stop play straightaway.

In order to have plenty of safe and fun play, remember to constantly monitor your partner’s body language and reactions; there’s probably no better indication if you have to stop. Before you start playing, agree on a safe word in case play must be stopped. Having said that, try to keep your spanks in the fleshiest fattier and muscular areas of the butt and upper thighs. You should avoid the spine and any areas where vital organs are located.

If you will be using a tool, it’s a good idea to practice before using them on a person to improve your aim, so use a couch or pillow. You will have to always test your tools before you use them to get an idea of the intensity and how it will feel on a spanking. And don’t give someone a spanking session if they have taken aspirin or any blood thinning medication, by the way! Lastly, keep in mind the bottom can become desensitized with time if you hit too hard or too frequently, there’s no rush!

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