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Best Positions for a Proper Spanking

Spankings are a thoroughly enjoyable activity, so I can imagine you’re always looking out for different ways to improve them, right? Wink*. For instance, there are plenty of positions you can put your loved one in in order to spank them, so it’s definitely worth to try them to see which one you like the best. Just as well, usually different positions can be used depending on what your goal is, so you better keep on reading to found out which one fits you best. I should also mention you will have to consider how comfortable your partner is, so they will help you choose the position.

If you like traditional positions like lying down or over the knee, the spanks should be executed with short range implements; on the other hand, if you want to spank some place that is not the buttocks, it’s probably a good idea to have your partner stand up. Having said that, let’s explore the different positions:

  • Lying down: Lying face down on a bed it’s extremely comfortable and relaxing for the person being spanked. A good tip is to put some pillows underneath the hips. It’s also really good for humiliation play and a great position for starters.
  • Over the knee: Probably the most popular one, the submissive or bottom will lie sideways on their partner’s knees. It’s a great position if you want to use restraints on the arms or legs, so great for feisty subs. And it also works great with short range tools.
  • Doggy style: If you are into humiliation, this position it’s amazing for it. Another plus is well, the position itself; the butt looks great in this position because you can appreciate it in its entire glory wink*. I should also mention its really intense and the sensations will be heightened because the muscles and skin will be stretched out.
  • Bent over: This position will also stretch the muscles and skin in the butt and upper thighs, so things will be intense. It’s a position best left for advanced and experienced ones, especially if you’re fantasy is to grab on those ankles!
  • Standing: If you’re looking for something a bit less painful than the one above, this can work. But it may be less relaxing as well. It’s better if the sub holds on to something or you use some restraints because this position can make the person move more and that has an effect on the spanks, obviously.
  • Restrained: Restraints are a perfect add-on to spanks, don’t you know that? Wink*. They will help the person stay in place and it can be say it’s actually easier and safer to spank someone who is restraint because they move less and you can hit your target better. Yes, restraints= less chance of hitting delicate areas.

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