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Proper Spanking Warm-Ups for You & Your Sub!

Some may say a good spank it’s like a good work out and who can blame them? Wink*. But just as every other extraneous activity or work out, you need to do a proper warm up first; spanking it’s no different in that sense! It doesn’t matter if you will be spanking with your hand, cane or flogger or if your partner will be with their butt unclothed or clothed, you will need to take some measures to warm up your body. It will help blood flow around, prepare you for the spanking and get that adrenaline kick in wink*.

The butt it’s the preferred and recommended destination to get a good spank in. But sometimes the upper thighs will also get in the action, because hey, that whole area is highly sensitive, right? Everything near our most sensitive and precious parts it’s highly erotic, I’m sure you’d know by now, wink*. Having said that, some people enjoy a couple of spanks in their feet, hands or even shoulder blades so if you will be going down that route, make sure to only use a flogger and keep it very soft and gentle, otherwise you can cause damage that you don’t intent to.

In order to get your warm up in, you should massage the area to improve that blood flow. Do it gently at first and rub the area in circular motions. It’s always a good idea to rub your hands together first to warm them up so your partner doesn’t get chills. Our body temperature it’s usually colder than we might expect or feel, but others will surely will! Wink*.

When you are done with the massage/rubbing of the area, you can gently tickle or rub the skin and then start prepping them up giving them about four spanks in each butt cheek or each shoulder blade. If you want to spank the butt, just cup your hand and move it up and down. Then, you can follow with something really fun, like alternating each spank with some genital stimulation in any form you wish to do so. After the four slaps, you can give them a fifth one just a bit stronger so they can be prepared for what’s to come.

Keep in mind warm up should be necessary and automatic, just as you would come up with a safe word or signal. It may seem like a lot at first, but when you get the hang of it, your warm up before a spanking will be as routinely as brushing your teeth every day wink*.

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