Guide to Properly Spanking Your Slap Happy Sub

Over the knee spankings are a common request for a lot of people out there…I’m guessing you’re here because you are on that band as well, right? You don’t need to look that far to see culture and people have been engrossed with it since…well, since ever, I’d dare to say wink*.

The human posterior has plenty of nerves, so it makes sense to stimulate it. Besides, it is located extremely close to other areas full of nerves, in both men and women, so it’s a democratization of pleasure of sorts. Spankings are great for both men and women, so basically everyone gets something out of them wink*.

For some, spanking has to do more with punishment and in some cases and relationships it is that way. For others, it’s something that will relate to role play. And for a group it will just be something they do every once in a while to add to they sex life. No matter how you look them, the important thing is for you and your partner to be on the same page so you can explore your needs and both of you can get the most out of it. If you’re not sure how to bring it up to your partner, remember the best way it’s to speak about it and suggest trying it to see if you both enjoy it.

Once you have the guidelines, get to it! The person receiving the spanking will be on their partner’s lap in a comfortable position or they can bend over a chair or stand against a wall or something that supports them. As for how the spanking will take place, you can do it with just your hands or add a special item like a paddle or whip (they feel different, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different kind of spankings!)

Keep in mind if you do it too fast or too hard, pain will most likely be inflicted. You always want to start on the fleshiest part of the buttocks and go slow. The backs of the thighs, back of the knees, spine and tail bone tend to be more painful so you should avoid them and spanking the genitals is only recommended for those advanced on the art of spanking, so beginners should stay clear out of it. If you want to try something different, you can stick to the area where the buttocks meet with the upper thigh because it tends to be less painful and quite an interesting experience.

When you are spanking someone, keep in mind to fondle the butt, caress and stimulate other areas in between the spankings. It will only heighten the sensation for the spankee wink*. The spankee should be vocal about what they like about it or where they’d like to be touched during the spanking, so be sure to speak up!

Spanking it’s a great addition to a person’s sex life and can be a very pleasurable experience, just as you know the limits between pleasure and pain; it can be a very thin line. So, as usual it’s a good idea to have a safe word in case things get to intense, so make sure both of you agree with one. Once you have it figured out, go out and spank wink*.

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