What is it that clearly defines our sexuality? Is it our thoughts, our deeds or perhaps even the delicious sensuality that washes over us in a deep haze of erotic desire? The sexual sensations that transition from pain into sexual pleasure?

Those who are sexuality experimental and have either dabbled or emerged themselves in sexual submission tend to appreciate the added erotic arousal that a little bit of sensual bondage pain can bring. The world of enhanced sex and highly erotic pain is a world that those mainly into vanilla sex do not understand. How could something meant to hurt someone feel good to them? The truth is that everyone has the potential for the same feelings. Pain, in a milder and non-abusive form, can be very sensual and intensely erotic. Many people enjoy things in life such as getting tattoos for that very reason. It might not seem erotic to them (getting a tattoo might seen erotic to their pleasure sensors) but there is something within in it other than the beautiful artwork now upon their body that lures them into the tattoo parlor. The heady mix of the pleasure and pain when combined with this certain sense of taboo which heightens the erotic.

In sex there are so many ways that our pleasure sensors are fulfilled. With the gentle stroke of a lover or a slap to backside with an erotic over the knee spanking, being tightly bound in erotic bondage and ballgagged as though no sound of ecstasy is to escape us, that is what the pleasure of bondage is. Bondage is so much more than a sexual experiences. The some people "not in the know" do not understand is that these acts are not carried out in the way that one would envision. Being erotically spanked and paddled by your Dom or Dominatrix is not even remotely the same as being spanked as a punishment when you were young. .

In fact, it is done in a way that is sensual and intended to bring intense sexual arousal to the naughty bondage slave that is being deliciously spanked. When the spanking isdone in a forceful demeanor by the Master or bondage Mistress, and yet one that shows the sub that this is what turns him or her on.

Gentle touching combined with roughness, a sigh of longing muffled by a beautiful ball gag, letting go of inhibitions and letting in all the delicious and erotic possibilities is what translates pain into pleasure.

Pain for it's own sake, is just that – Pain. However when pain is combined with sexual and erotic stimulation such as harder bondage or even the erotic sex play of corporal punishment, the pain becomes pleasure. And who is to say what is really pleasure and what is really pain? When you are so deeply entranced by your lover the two become enmeshed and one and the same.

When taken to erotic heights such as subspace, your body will interept pain as pleasure. As with anything, you need to always talk about your boundries and to have a safe word. Communication is always the key to great bondage sex but it is the key to the dungeon of your longing and ultimate sexual desire.

Unleash that part of yourself who you crave to discover. Be open and honest with who you are and what you desire. Let go of your inhabitations and allow yourself to only feel that of which you desire and gives you the greatest pleasure. By letting go, the pain is no longer pain and is only pleasure. You have only to allow yourself to lose yourself in the moment to experience the erotic high of subspace and the ultimate of powerful sexual release.

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