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Guide to Sensual Spankings

You have probably heard this before, but I will remind you either way: each spanking is not like the other one, he he. Spankings can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the motives why we do them are never the same. In fact, if we separate the most common types of spanking, we can easily count about 5 categories… Yes, that many! Behold the general types of spankings I could count:


    They are based on something the submissive has done that the master considers a misbehaving. As you may have inferred, they can get quite intense and be the part of a very serious scene. For those on the BDSM lifestyle, they might be known as a purification spanking (the more you know). As you may imagine, these style of spankings are rarely performed in public because of their nature; they are usually done in a private setting between the parties, they are commonly repetitive and painful. They can be performed by hand, with a paddle, crop or cane and both parties are aware of what’s to come. Typically the master will say something like “you know what’s coming and you know why I’m doing it”, and the submissive will compliantly follow their instructions. The pants will be lowered (or the skirts will be held up! Whatever it is, wink*) and the striking will begin. If the sub shows any resistance, the master should have a Plan B, because the understanding of the punishment must be mutual. If the submissive knows the dominant is doing this for their own good and because their best interests are at hand, there shouldn’t be any trouble. Also, keep in mind although a safe word should always be consented beforehand, punishments are usually more about the psychological aspect of things more than the pain. Besides, the dominant has to reassure the submissive that this punishment is being performed out of love and should provide nurture to them when all is said and done (they will take care of their poor sub, wink*).


      They are common in open parties and in public because, as the name suggests, are lighthearted and they are done when the mood is light. When they are being done in open parties, it’s not unusual to invite others to play and then the whole thing becomes a spanking party, via spanking games. In these cases the submissive might play up the brat role; they are done more for having a good time than to do actual punishment or something of a more erotic nature. If you attend BDSM dungeon parties, chances are you have seen quite a few of these because they are really popular.


        Ok, if you are about to experience of these, you may want to be completely prepared for an immersion of the senses. They are an experience that is focused on touch and sensations; things like someone taking off your clothes or putting you over a knee or pillows. Here, the point will be to combine spanks with other touches; your skin will be smoothed after it is slapped a little. You (or your dominant!) may get creative and lightly scratch the back of your thighs or lightly touch your butt with their fingertips after a gentle slap or maybe combine and mix all of thoseThe more sensations, the better.


          These styles of spankings have a lot more touching and caressing between each stroke. You can say these are my favorite, wink*. More erogenous areas are touched and basically any position is game (see why they are my favorite? Wink*). Here, the idea is for both participants to enjoy the spanking, leading up to some serious and very explosive sexual experiences. The difference between a sensual and an erotic spanking is that, in this one, the focus is entirely sexual, in a nothing else matters kind of way.


            They are known as the “just because” spanks. If the master feels the submissive needs one or has ben due for a while, a maintenance spanking will be carried out. There are times when even the submissive asks for a spanking because they feel the need or just want one. But the nature of them won’t be to punish or of an erotic nature, hence the name, simply just because.

            Now, of course you can always mix and match any of the above to your personal preference

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